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Kanjivaram silk sarees

Kanchipuram /Kancheepuram

Kancheepuram/Kanjivaram is a small temple town in the State of Tamil Nadu in South India ,famous for its traditional silk .The town of Kanchipuram  is about 70 Kms from Chennai.  It was the capital city during the reign of the Pallavas.  Some of the famous Temples in Kanchipuram are the Kamakshi Amaan Temple,Varadaraja Swami Temple, Ekambareswar Temple and so on. It is one of the Holy cities of the Hindus.

What is Kanjivaram Silk

Silk weaving is a cottage industry in Kancheepuram. Mulbery silk is procured from  Bangalore and the zari is procured form Gujarat.  Six yards of saree is woven in the looms in Kanchipuram. The border, body and pallu( shoulder throw) of the sarees are created separately and then joined together . It would take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to create a beautiful silk saree.

Silk sarees are produced in stunning colours with contrasting colour borders. Sarees are created  in a variety of patterns – stripes, checks butis(dots) and so on. Some sarees have no zari either on the body or on the pallu while others have extensive  zari on the border ,the body and the pallu.  These silk sarees  are created with beautiful silk embroidery or jacquard embroidery.

Several houses in this town have looms where the weaving is undertaken.

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