Kanchi Weavers- Kanjivaram Silk Sarees in Mylapore, Chennai

Kanchi Weavers

Look Out For :- Kanchi cotton and silk sarees

What’s Interesting :- Unusual Kanjivaram Silk sarees

Market :-

Products :- Clothing  Sarees  

Days Closed :- Sunday

Timing :- 11am-8pm

Phone :- 91 44 45562024 / Mobile No 9843992939

Address :- 8/13 kapaleeswarar, Sannathi St, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004

Landmark :- Near Nageswara Rao Park

Parking :- Roadside parking

Bus/Metro :- Nageswara Rao Park/Luz

Price Range :- Rs 1000-Rs 20,000

Payment Methods :- Cash

Youtube Link :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U60ieW6jnBk&feature=emb_title

Chennai Shopping Places- Kanchi Weavers

Kanchi Weavers is a small shop and you may wonder why we have written about it. Here is why

The owners have their traditional weaving unit in Kanjivaram and it is the thirdrd generation which is currently engaged in running the business. So there is a lot of tradition, quality and pride that is evident in the store.

Kanjvaram silk sarees, silk cotton sarees & Kanchi cotton sarees are all available here.

Kanchi Cotton Sarees in Chennai

Kanchi cotton sarees come in beautiful contemporary patterns as do the silk cotton sarees.  They introduce new designs every season while keeping stock of traditional designs as well. For eg, to coincide with the beginning of the music season in Chennai, they have some interesting musical notes and musical instruments themes on the sarees.

The sarees are in pure cotton that are ideally suited for the summer months. What is more, the prices are very attractive. The pure cotton sarees cost Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500/piece on an average.

Take a look at the video link:

Designer Cotton Sarees at Kanchi Weavers, Chennai


Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanchi Weavers also stock beautiful Kanjivaram silk sarees. Refreshingly new designs and colour combinations are the most noteworthy thing about this store. Unusual colour combinations, unique designs on the body and the border makes the sarees distinct. It is rare to find Kanjivaram silk sarees with a combination of thread work embroidery and zari motifs or Kanjivaram silk sarees with silver zari work.

Take a look at the video link:

Kanjivaram Silks at Kanchi Weavers, Chennai


If you have limited time to shop for sarees, this is the best place to visit. You can swiftly look at the exclusive collection of silk sarees available here and make quick decisions.

Kanchi Weavers have a great online presence as well. They have a sale period twice a year, during which time they dispose of the old stock and bring in fresh designs.

Do not miss that if you are in Chennai.

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Rangachari Cloth Store

Grandmothers and great grandmothers were familiar with the Rangachari Cloth Store. It was the store next door for Madurai sungudi cotton saris . Madurai Sungudi is a cotton fabric of Madurai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which is an exclusive textile product traditionally produced using tie and dye (using natural dyes) method by people from Saurashtra, Gujarat who migrated to Madurai in the 16th century. This 70 year old store has the same store front that it had 40 years ago. There is no modern steel & glass interior here . It maintains the same facade and same look & feel. You have to remove your footwear before you enter the store. There are floor mats on which you sit and select the saris. The saris are stacked from the ground up and are neatly organized in various sections. The ground floor has a selection of cotton sungudi saris. They stock both the 6 yards and 9 yards saris variety. They also stock Mangalgiri saris, Venkatagiri saris, silk cotton & Kanchi cotton saris . The saris are in the Rs 2000 to Rs 6000 range In one separate section, they stock dhotis for men. Bowing to popular demand ,they stock salwar kameez sets in the Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 range on the first floor. There are also unstitched salwar kameez fabrics that are available. Fabrics in Kalamkari prints are available in beautiful prints. Kalamkari is the latest craze for blouses, kurtis and kameez. Readymade lehengas,known as pavadais are available for little girls here. If you are shopping in Chennai for traditional South Indian (Madurai) cotton saris and Kalamkari fabrics, do visit this Chennai shop.

  • 044-2499 4343, 2499 4545
5 /5

Tulsi silks

Tulsi Silks First of all, Tulsi Silks is a leading store for Kanjivaram silk saris in Chennai . They have been around for eighteen odd years This is a stand alone shop with several floors dedicated to exclusive sarees. The hustle & bustle of other markets is missing in this quiet corner of the city. Located in Mylapore in the heart of the city , this Chennai shop is a go to place for Kanjivaram silk sarees , silk cottons, Kota ,Gadwal and Tussar silk sarees. Cotton sarees ,Kota sarees and more Silk sarees with cotton embroidery in the borders are available , in addition to the cotton sarees with similar borders. Tulsi silks is probably one of the few stores that stocks such unusual saris. In the non silk variety ,they stock ikkat and Kota sarees with a good choice of colors and designs. You can request for Kerala type sarees ( cream colour with red border ) palum pazham sarees ( checked designs in the body of the saree) or for any latest saree trends . They stock all of them in plenty. The store has three floors.The ground floor has silk cotton, tussar and cotton embroidered sarees.. The second floor has fancy sarees for daily wear and the third floor has silk sarees. Kanjivaram Silk sarees The pure Kanjivaram Silk sarees are in cardboard boxes.The colours designs and Zari borders are especially elegant. The selection includes simple sarees to very grand silk sarees.The choice is exceptional.They stock both heavy silk sarees and the soft silk sarees as well. We recommend that you visit Tulsi Silks when you are shopping in Chennai for Kanjivaram silk sarees. Benarsi Georgette & party wear sarees Gadwal sarees Tussar sarees Mysore crep silk sarees Benarsi georgette sarees Prices start from Rs.800 /piece for cotton saress and Rs 1200/piece for silk cotton sarees. Silk sarees prices start from Rs. 8000/piece The store is very popular and crowded especially during wedding seasons and festival days.Hence it is a good idea to visit Tulsi Silks in the off peak hours. It should be noted the store sells only sarees and silk blouse materials. They do not sell dress materials, men’s wear or children’s clothes.

  • +91 44-24991086/ 24991087
5 /5

Giri Trading

When visiting the Kapaleeshwara Temple in the Mylapore Shopping Market in Chennai ,make sure you stop by at Giri Trading .You could be interested to buy an aarthi plate ( Aarti is performed after setting fire to camphor usually as the last step of puja- .WIKI ) a brass lamp or a brass idol . South India is well known for its brass & bronze handicrafts. Brass and Bronze decorative Items Situated right outside the Kapalishwara temple precincts, the location of Giri Trading shop is unbeatable. This is a hugely popular Chennai shop for products that are used in everyday household worship. This is a four storied building with a vast collection of items that will astonish even the most ardent devotees. Brass lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes are displayed very prominently. Lighting oil lamps is a widely prevalent practice in South India. Incense sticks, agarbathis, kumkum, sandal powder, mehendi (hand coloring), paper garlands, Kolam( floor design) stickers and all that you can ever think of are available here .The first floor has idols of Indian deities ,gifts and decorative items in brass . The prices range from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per piece. Hanging lamps, standing lamps in very artistic shapes, bells and conches are very cultural and also appealing. They have a whole floor dedicated to religious texts and mythology books and comics for children. The fourth floor is dedicated to music cassettes. Recordings of the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures), and traditional and devotional songs in Tamil and other Indian languages can be found here. This is a one stop shop for shopping in Chennai for religious products.

  • +91 4424640376/24953820
5 /5

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