What is Katputhli?

Kathputli  means Puppets ,where kaath refers to wood and putli implies a doll thus the name of a wooden puppet. It is made entirely from wood is usually two feet in height with a wooden head, big eyes and a large nose. It is attached with a metal wire which acts as string.

Available at Jaipur:- Johari BazarRajasthali, Tokree

Available at Delhi:- Kamala, Central Cottage Industries, Dilli Haat

Source of Entertainment

Agricultural labourers or the Bhats practice the art of puppetry in Rajasthan, which is a popular tourist attraction in the Sate. Also known as the “kathputliwalas” or puppeteers, they  create magical puppet shows during  the late evenings. Above all, it is a great form of entertainment.

As a matter of fact, for the performance, a miniature stage is created using a cot which is laid by length. The cots are covered with sheets to hide the puppeteer from the view of spectators. The puppets are moved around using strings attached to each of them.

Finally, featuring a unique theme, the puppet show is generally announced by loud beats on the dhol (drum). The show is made quite lively by hooting and whistling by the puppeteers.

The film, Sound of Music, made the puppets and puppet shows  famous.


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