Gharchola sarees- Zari weaving-Cotton silk sarees

Gharchola Sarees

What is Gharchola

Gharchola literally means home (ghar) chola (cloth). It is an auspicious cloth usedRattan Deep, Jaipur to welcome brides into the husband’s home in Gujarat.  This piece of cloth is typically gifted to the bride by the mother in law.The characteristic feature o Gharchola sarees are the checks made with golden threads in a red cloth.

Origin of Gharchola sarees

Jamnagar and Porbandar in Gujarat are said to be the home of Gharchola sarees and dupattas.

This is typically made in silk cotton fabric, Venkatgiri fabric or from Gajja silk. Pure silk fabric is not used very often.

All these fabrics have the required sheen in the fabric. As the gharchola fabric is mostly used for auspicious occasions, the typical colours are red, maroon and pink. Thick lines with gold threads are drawn to create a check pattern. Golden embroidery designs or bandhini designs are drawn inside the checks.

Gharchola sarees and dupattas are very expensive.

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