Footwear for women

History of Footwear

If you ever thought that footwear is a modern day discovery, here is something you will need to read. The importance of protecting the feet against environmental adversities was recognized way back in the Copper Age (ca. 5.000 BCE). One can find references to footwear in the Egyptians Chinese and other ancient civilizations. Footwear has evolved in terms of materials, shapes, designs, style and colours since the early years. Footwear for women is a huge market today.

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How the footwear has evolved

There has been tremendous transformation in shoes, especially during the following key eras in the history of the world. Prehistoric period (2, 5 million BC – 1250 BC) was characterized by primitive footwear, while Antiquity (1250 BC – 476) was typified by sandals. What made the Middle Ages (476 – 1453) distinguished from other eras was the discovery of high-heeled shoes.

On the other hand, Early Modern Times (1453 – 1918) was indicative of modern footwear during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Modern Times (1918 – present) is marked by the altered face of footwear mainly due to technological advances. This period is known to make the entire process of shoemaking far simpler.

Footwear today can be broadly classified into these categories: Casual wear, Party wear, Sportswear and Children’s wear.

 Footwear for women

When it comes to ladies footwear, there are more variations in the market than you ever imagined. From heels to shoes and flat sandals, the choice is impressive.

Heels are always the hot-favourites and look stylish. They come in various categories such as kitten heels, french heels, cone heels, platform heels, stilettoes, Wedge heels, pumps, spool heels and comma heels.

Shoes include sports shoe, Sneakers, boots, Basketball shoes, Golf Shoes, Skater Shoes and Climber Shoes. Evening wear formal leather shoes are also in demand to be paired with western wear dresses.

Sandals are both heeled as well as flat in structure. They are popular for their comfort value and are available as flat sandals, gladiator sandals, heel sandals, wedge sandals and strappy sandals.


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