Spectacular Christmas Tree Around the World

Spectacular Christmas Trees From Around the world



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A thing of beauty is a joy forever ( Keats).It is the season of  sparkling Christmas trees, angels & Santa Claus. A beautifully Christmas tree decor is a joy to behold.  People look at them with awe and astonishment. Therefore, let us join the celebrations .

 Here we bring you some of the spectacular Christmas trees from around the world.

Christmas Tree Decor

1. Christmas tree Décor at Annabel’s, Mayfair in London

Dressed in  white & gold in traditional Christmas colours, it is huge & heartwarming.  Simple colour themes add to its attractiveness. The size is spectacular. Above all, the gold coloured baubles and gifts are beautifully placed.

Christmas Tree

2. Rockefeller Center New York- Christmas Tree Decor

There is tradition, holiday tradition, associated with the Rockefeller Center in New York. As a matter of fact, the holiday season begins when the tree is lit at the Center. There is a skating rink, fun & games and fireworks but of course the beautifully decorated Christmas tree is the center of attraction.

Christmas Tree

3. Galleries Lafayette in Paris

Galleries Lafayette in Paris is an iconic destination for shopping and Christmas decorations  in the city.  For instnace, every year, for the past decade or so, they have had a new theme  with which to decorate the tree at the center of the store . Further, they invite renowned artists to work the magic. The colours and  the fantasy  themes are truly entrancing. Above all, it is absolutely a work of art to be admired. The beautiful  glass dome at the top adds glamour to the Christmas decorations.

4. Christmas tree Décor in Rio Brazil

It has a tradition of lighting a floating Christmas tree in a lagoon in Rio De Janeiro. Above all, the lighting of this gigantic 270ft tree  heralds the commencement of the holiday season. As a matter of fact, the lights and the fireworks attract several thousands of  visitors from around the world.

5. Christmas tree  Décor in Lisbon

This is the square in  front of the water front in Lisbon, Portugal.  Further, they have a climate friendly tree which is all lit up from November to January. In addition, the main streets in Lisbon are also lit up with a display of  wonderful lights in the shapes of bells, stars and angels

6. Christmas tree Decor in Milan

Similarly, in the center of Milan, in the Piazza Duomo,  a beautiful Christmas tree with glittering lights is erected. As a matter of fact ,the lighting ceremony is in the first week of December coinciding with the celebrations around their patron Saint Ambrose. Further, it is lit up with several LED lights.

7.   Christmas tree Decor in Osaka 

The 27 feet tall Christmas tree is lit up with nearly a lakh of LED lights. For instance, it is at the Shin Umeda City Wonder Square. It is known as the Umeda sky building in Osaka. Further, they also have theme parks inside the building for games and carnivals.

Where are the iconic Christmas trees in the world?

Spectacular Christmas trees can be found in Rockefeller Center ,New York,Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Brazil, Lisbon water front and Osaka, Japan.

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