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The Best Shops For The Cricket Enthusiast In Your Life

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Sometimes the easiest people to find gifts for are those with very defined interests. It’s nice to come up with something all on your own, and nail the perfect gift – particularly from one of India’s amazing markets full of original items. However, there’s also something very reassuring about knowing you’re playing to someone’s preferences. And sometimes the easiest people to consider in relation to this idea are sports fans and athletes. They tend to have teams they follow, equipment they might use, apparel they might wear, and more. Where shopping in India is concerned, you might consider cricket lovers on your shopping list. And as you might expect, there are a number of good cricket shops around the country. You may find good places both for in-person and online shopping for just about anything you might need for this particular person.

So, here are some of our suggestions…


This aptly named shop is geared mostly toward actual cricketers, at both the youth and adult level. It provides the equipment and clothing people need to play the game. Its website actually describes it as “the Amazon of cricket,” which may be a bold claim. But it’s perhaps not entirely inappropriate in this case! The collection includes bats, balls, helmets, gloves, pads, and clothing, with appropriate jerseys and sweaters coming in neutral fashions as well as in customizable form for teams. This is primarily an online shop (hence the Amazon comparison), though there is a showroom in Mohali.

Laver & Wood

This Hyderabad cricket shop has gone a long way from relatively humble beginnings. While this is a full equipment shop, its focus has always been on premium bats, and some will argue it produces the best in India. For this reason, it’s actually been written that Laver & Wood could move from a fairly local custom bat shop into becoming a global brand in cricket. We’ll see if this ends up being the case. But for now it’s still an Indian store from which you can order a very high quality piece of equipment.

World Cricket Store

This is not an explicitly India-based company. However, it does ship to India. And it may be the best option you have if you’re looking for apparel rather than equipment (save Amazon or a specific team site). And even if you don’t know what specific teams to get gear from, a true cricket enthusiast probably has some interest in several. It’s easy enough, if you’re not a fan, to find a sports site or app with updated betting odds and get a feel for which teams at which levels are most competitive (and therefore probably most interesting). Then, you’ll likely find apparel for the team or teams you choose at World Cricket Store.


Located in Mumbai, this is another all-purpose store more in line with Cricketershop. It’s got a little bit of all the apparel, equipment, and gear any cricket player or fan might want. It includes items from most of the relevant brands in the business. And here, as at Cricketershop, you can customize apparel for a team or league, or even an individual if you like. The store is in Mumbai. However, online orders work with Crickstore as well, making it one of the most convenient options aside from mass retailers that simply happen to have cricket gear and apparel (as some do).


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