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Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi is the name of a town near the city of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.  It is situated between Malwa & Bundelkand. The Chandella king Kiritivarma is credited with the foundation of this town.In addition , Chanderi fabrics and Chanderi Silk  sarees are the eponymous fabrics and sarees woven in this town. The sarees & fabrics look simple & rich at the same time.

The weaving of this fabrics began in the 13th Century.  As a matter of fact, weavers from Dacca and Rajasthan moved to this town and hence started the weaving tradition. The Chanderi fabric was developed from fine muslin. Moreover, the Mughal rulers encouraged and patronised this craft.

Available at Delhi:- MrignayaniPrint Center, Kalpana Sarees, Tulsi by Neeru Kumar Kilol

Available at Chennai:- Signora(Chennai)Nalli( Chennai), Varsidhi

Shops in  Kolkata:- Benarasi Kuthi, Kalika

Available at Bangalore:- Gaurang  and Fab India

Chanderi  Silk Sarees

For instance, Chanderi sarees are transparent and super fine. Typically, the Chanderi sarees are in pure silk, chanderi cotton & silk  cotton . At times, the silk thread is used as a wrap and the cotton thread is used as a weft .In addition, the sarees have small zari bhutis and and a gold border. Moreover, there are parallel gold stripes on the pallu. For example,  Chanderi sarees are crafted in a variety of pleasing light colours such as magenta, yellow, green, blue & red.

 Chanderi Salwar Suits

In other words , fabrics for salwar suits and kurtis have become immensely popular now. As a matter of fact ,Shops all over several Indian cities have a stock of Chanderi fabrics for salwar suits and ready to stitch salwar suits as well. They have the appearance of silk and they are lightweight. They come in multiple shades, colours and designs.

For instance, dupattas in Chanderi silks are available in plenty in Fab India and Good Earth.

Bridal Wear-Chanderi Silk Sarees

It is interesting to know that designers have ventured to create beautiful bridal wear in Chanderi silk. This light weight fabric has a lot of volume and hence is ideal for fashionable bridal wear. This is ideal for a mehendi function or for a bride who does not wish to spend a lot on Banarasi or silk bridal wear.

Th Government Coopertaive Institutions  have  done a lot to promote this fabric in recent times.


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