Kantha Embroidery - Indian Textile from West Bengal

Kantha Emboidery Fabric

What is Kanta Embroidery

Kantha is a simple embroidery technique popular in the states of West Bengal and Odisha in India and in Bangladesh.

Colourful motifs of flowers, animals & bird patterns are embroidered on the cloth and the Kantha stitch surrounds these patterns.

Available at Kolkata:-Darbari, Weavers Studio, RMGC Basak, Sanskriti, Sasha

Available at Bangalore:-Yuvathy

 Where is Kantha embroidery done

Kantha Embroidery stitches are done on sarees, quilts, cushion fabrics and so on.

It is done on quilts to essentially hold together the various layers of fabric that go into making a quilt.

However, it is most appreciated in a saree when the Kantha stitch is enhanced with colourful flowers and other patterns. This type of embroidery is often practised by rural women. Simple quilts with Kantha stitches is called Nakshi Kantha. Rural women use old sarees to make quilts with this stitching technique.

This type of embroidery is used in shawls, pillows and bed spreads.

However, the Kantha saree and Kantha fabrics for salwar kameez and dupatta are the most popular.