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Firstly since COVID-19 disrupted the everyday lives of people across the world–the way we  interact, work, socialize, and travel–new words  have become  part of our daily terminology. Above all, words like social distancing, incubation period, quarantine and community spread  are new terms of everyday usage. Further, face masks have become synonymous with the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. In addition, from maids to monarchs, masks have become mandatory. Buying a mask online is an absolute necessity today.


Masks as we have known in the past, have been used for disguise, performance ,entertainment & protection.

In addition, ,Doctors always used masks. For example, civilians in Delhi & surrounding areas have been using masks due to poor air quality in the past. Further, It is common knowledge that masks were used to  prevent infections.

Commodification of Masks

However, it is unfortunate that the pandemic has forced us into the commodification of masks.  For instance, It is something that we all have to wear in public places. Above all ,masks have become part of daily lives and one does not know for how long . Therefore, while it is not very pleasant to wear a mask people are getting used to it. In other words, the wide use of masks has slowly but surely made it into a commodity.

Turning a crisis to an opportunity

In fact, a crisis has become an opportunity and it has given opportunity to many housewives and garment manufacturers to create & supply masks during the pandemic. Therefore, several reputed organizations quickly scaled up  to make masks, PPE suits , sanitisers etc.  For instance ,donating masks and other essentials during the pandemic has definitely helped to build empathy & bring in a social bonding.

Mask Online

Amulya and husband Jagdish set up mask-making initiative to empower women

Masks as Mandatory

Fast forward to 2020. Covering the mouth and nose with a mask has become the norm to prevent Covid-19 transmission. You can see people wearing many different types of face masks. These include hand-made masks, disposable medical masks, N95 respirator and more.

The pandemic has made the use of masks compulsory for everyone. Moving from optional to mandatory & essential to functional , masks are universally spoken about, discussed and purchased today .

In conclusion, people choose masks as per the availability. For others, matching face coverings with their outfit is a trend. What’s more, the trend has entered the accessories category! Similarly, many brands are offering masks that complement tops, dresses and even headscarves.  Further, Mask Design is a big business today. brings you different types of masks available in the market today. Take a look…

1.Basic Cloth Face Mask

Mask online

 2. Bandana

Further, it is a common practice to use the triangular or square piece of cloth or bandana as a head or mouth covering.

Mask Online

  1. Colourful Cloth masks from Fab IndiaFabIndia has cotton pleated masks . Further they are  soft and light weight & sold as a set of 3 pieces.

Buy face mask online

4. Myntra-  Mask Design

Myntra, the online store has a good collection of masks too.

With masks becoming everyday necessities, celebrated fashion designers have also jumped on the fabric mask bandwagon. For instance ,the change is quite evident as they shift focus to the three-layered mask production. Further, these non-surgical masks are reusable too.

Choose your pick from these attractive, colourful designer masks:

mask online

5.Reusable Masks from Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar , the popular Indian designer has introduced her new masks. Check her mask design here.

Ritu Kumar Mask online

6.Designer Face Masks from Masaba

Could you ever image buying designer face mask online  from reputed design houses.

International Fashion

 7.Macy’s has coordinated earrings & Masks

Mask from Macy

Mask earring combo

Mask design & earring design go hand in hand.

Check the ones from Macy’s New York . In addition, they have classic coordinated earring and mask combo.

8. Vogue Selections 

Vogue has a list of several international & classy selections The collection is from International design houses

vogue mask

9. Masks for Kids 

Further, young children may not feel quite comfortable with masks. While parents can help them understand why they might need to wear one, they may also go for masks that are fun to wear. So here are masks for your Mighty Avengers or Disney Princess-obsessed kids.  For example, they will think that it is a cool accessory/toy. Kids masks are very popular.

kids mask

 More on KIDS Masks


10. N95 Respirator
Offering the most protection against the coronavirus, N95 Respirators are actually reserved for healthcare workers. In other words, this mask is highly recommended.

Conical face mask

Conical face mask

11. Disposable Surgical Mask

These types of masks are commonly used by medical professionals. They look thin (paper-like) and are available in white and light blue colours. However, as the name suggests, surgical masks should be used just once.


12.Cone-Style/Molded Face Masks

conical face mask

Cone-style face masks are also called molded masks.  for example, with a metal strip appearing at the top, these masks fit over the mouth and nose well. They are said to be more effective than a bandana.

13.Full Length Face Shield

Mask online

This mask covers the entire face right from your forehead to chin. It comes with a cushioned headband.

14..Activated Carbon Masks-face masks

These masks consist of an activated carbon filter to help collect and filter out the pollutants. In conclusion, they primarily help you breathe in purer air, especially if you are living in a very polluted environment.

carbon mask online

You can get your masks Tailored to match your dresses  at

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