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Best Artificial Jewellery shops in Jaipur: Enough of real gold or silver jewelry for any special eve! It’s time to explore shopping for some imitation jewellery. Don’t worry, it looks just as gorgeous as the real stuff and in some cases, even more…

And you will be happy to score a plethora of options too. From giant beaded necklaces to Meenakari,Polki & Thewa jewellery  Jaipur has stunning artificial jeweelelry.  There are plenty of options –  jhumkis,  breath-taking tassel earrings , kundan set with pearls to layered necklaces and chokers .  Check out the  Amrapali ,Rajasthali store and Kuber Tholia in MI road. They ofcourse stock a lot of real gold & diamond jewellery also.

Johari Bazar,(Jeweller’s Market) is one of the best places to go shopping for artificial jewellery. Every second shop is a jewellery shop. There is so much variety & so many shops for silver, semi precious stones & beads.

If you are in the Pink City particularly for bangles, visit Bapu Market  & Maniharon Ka Rasta nearr Johari Bazar .can make it an exciting shopping experience. They stock beautiful lac and glass bangles in this lovely shop.

The collection is really huge. You may as well go for bangles made of metals, thread, wire, wood and plastic. An all-time favorite of ours being those brightly colored lac bangles ornamented with beads, stones, crystals and other embellishments are a real treat. You can buy a set of two, four, six or even eight bangles.

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