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 Best  Shopping Malls in Jaipur

Firstly,The World Trade Park Mall has firmly put Jaipur on par with other cities in India . Jaipur has world class  shopping malls. The World Trade park Mall, with its gleaming twin towers is a great attraction for the people of Jaipur. However, shopping at the chaotic Bapu Bazar & Johari Bazar are equally attractive. In comparison, shopping in a well air conditioned and quiet mall is Jaipur is a different experience.

International Brands@Malls in Jaipur

The Jaipur shopping markets offer traditional clothing,jewellery & grocery at wholesale prices . In contrast, the new age shopping malls are different. The layout, the selection of shops and the sheer convenience and experience are unique.Firstly, the shopping malls offer internationally branded clothes, jewellery, cosmetics  and accessories .Whats more, one can shop at Zara,M&S, and Sephora for some of their best products, all under one roof.

 Visit the shopping  Malls in Jaipur

The World Trade Park, Gaurav Towers, Pink Square Mall, Triton Mall and Crystal Shopping Mall are all very well appointed malls. Above all, they have cinemas, food courts and popular international brands. The World Trade Park Mall and the Gaurav Towers Mall are quite close to each other. The Pink Square Mall is in Aadarsh Nagar ,with Puma,Pepe Jeans,Park Avenue and Indian Terrain stores. They have wonderful restaurants and an Inox cinema.

Crystal Palm Mall has McDonalds and interesting cuisine and coffee shops, in addition to shopping . The Triton Mall has USPolo, Levis and other branded stores.The Gaurav Towers Mall is very well appointed and is one of the best places to spend your time.

In addition, there are several small malls in Jaipur apart from these well known big malls. There is one  mall, right opposite the Raj Mandir Cinema . While the mall does not have many stores,it has Gulab Chand,  which has a great selection of casual wear kurtis and salwar suits. They also stock beautiful Jaipuri cotton sarees and dresses for young children. They have branches in other places too.

Top 10 Malls in jaipur

Top 10 Malls in jaipur

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