Kasu Mala

What is Kasu Mala?

Kasu means coins in Tamil and a few other South Indian languages. Mala is a garland or a necklace that is worn around the neck. Hence Kasu Mala is a necklace made with coins (gold shaped as coins).

Available at Chennai:- Prince Jewellers, Vummudi, Sukra, Khazana

Available at Bangalore:- Krishnai chetty, GRT, Malabar Gold, Ganjam 

This is a traditional South Indian bridal jewellery. There is typically no pendant that is attached to the Kasu Mala. This type of necklace can be a short one that is worn just round the neck or a long one.

Tiny rubies or emerald stones are attached to the gold coins to make it look more attractive. The weight of the necklace varies. A necklace with gold coins in 22 carat is a solid ornament and weighs heavy too.

 Silver Mala

Kasu mala is also available in other metals polished as gold known as imitation or costume jewellery. Hence this necklace can be bought from shops selling costume or imitation jewellery. Silver jewellery shops also stock this necklace in silver. This is available in Ranees Chennai

This design is very authentic and traditional.


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