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What's Interesting:Traditional Miniature Paintings

Products:Gifts and Handicrafts

Shop No. 47, Amer Road, Jaipur- 302002


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Near Amer City heritage hotel




Dev arts Jewels Jaipur is an art school cum store headed by Mr. Jugal Kishore who specializes in Miniature paintings . He has won several prestigious awards in recognition of his work from the Rajasthan State Government and other agencies and has held several exhibitions in India and abroad.

Miniature paintings in Dev Arts Jewels Jaipur

Firstly, when you enter the store , you will immediately notice the gold and silver jewellery with precious and semi precious stones on display. This is just a small section however. In the first floor is the art gallery where the miniature paintings are displayed. The sizes and themes of the miniature paintings are very diverse, ranging from the traditional to the modern. Furthermore, there are several portraits also on display. Vijay, the owner’s son , would be willing to escort you to their art school close by. In the school ,the artists demonstrate the sketching’s and paintings on silk, marble ,wood and paper. All natural colours and dyes are used in the paintings. In addition, they can also demonstrate writing your name on a grain of rice .

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