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Jagat Shiromani Temple Road , Amer, Jaipur-302028


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Amer Fort



Review of Rajasthan Small Scale Cottage Industries shop in Jaipur

Firstly, in the premises of the Amer Fort in Rajasthan is the Rajasthan Small Scale Cottage Industries showroom. If you are visiting the Amer Fort with a guide, he is bound to suggest that you visit this store in Jaipur. It is a 3-storied building. You will be guided through the gem cutting and polishing center, the carpet weaving center and finally the retail shopping area in the store.

The customary masala chai is offered to all customers who are potential buyers. And as one sips the masala chai, the carpet collections are presented. Woolen carpets, silk carpets from Kashmir, cotton durries in various colours and sizes make up the collection. If you want it shipped outside of India, they would willingly do it.

They would also write your name on the back of the carpet so that you can satisfy yourself that the genuine product reaches you. The floor dedicated to gems and gemstones has a huge variety of silver jewelry with precious and semi precious stones. Yet another floor has pashmina and woolen shawls.

While Jaipur shopping is all about block printed fabrics, leheriya and bandhani saris and precious gems, Hence, there are several Jaipur shops who are exporters of carpets and shawls to both wholesale and retail customers around the world.

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