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7 Out Of The Box Home Decor Ideas: A Look

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Aww! Decorating your home is always exciting, right? On the other hand, it is a tedious job too, especially if you are going for the same conventional style decor every time. Buying similar furniture, repeating the old replacement and so on ruin the fun of doing the interiors. It is pointless to follow the same concept every time. We are so sick of doing the same stuff every time, in a stereotyped way, why not do something funny and crazy (which looks charming too)? After all, it’s our home and we are the king/queen to style it as per home decor ideas of our taste and choice.

Oops! Still scratching your head for some wicked home decor ideas? This will be a good read and as usual, you can thank us later. Here:

• Library

Home decor ideas

If you are an avid reader then traditional style library is a good thought, but it can scare your little ones with that sophisticated and bold look. Decked with weird tiles, huge books, and old fashioned ladder; all-together this can become No Entry Zone for everyone. Don’t worry, its time to bring in some change with a boomerang shaped book-shelf with a stylish cavity to sit for a read. This style will definitely bring anyone close to the books and of course library.

• Whispering Stairs

With every spot of your home is getting all the attention, how can we leave stairs out? Not fair, isn’t it? The risers of the stairs always make an antipasti space for your creativity. The stairs will always have a special space for the attractive motifs or the reader.

Home decor ideas

• Perfumed Candles

Using candles or lanterns is not a bad idea; they turn out to be a charming touch in your home. All you can do is take a bunch of cinnamon sticks and cover them together and keep it where the fragrance will spread everywhere (obviously, you need to burn them).

Home decor ideas

• Wall Decor

Wall therapy is one of the best home decor ideas ever. Not necessarily, you need to be an artist to make a masterpiece for your wall. If you are not in the mood for placing a painting, then you can put up randomly sized plates, either pain or colored on the walls. They will give your home a gorgeous look.

Home Decor ideas

• Shelves

Are you looking for a shelf for your bedroom to keep your belongings? Add on a few planks and an old ladder to make it look cooler and stylish (Make sure you have an elder person to help you out).

Home decor ideas

• Colorful Blinds

Coloring blinds is a wonderful idea when you have a small room for making any minimal change. As the time passe, the color becomes dull and boring; cheer it up with a coat of paint. Hurray! You have a brand new colorful blind!

home decor ideas

• Fireplace

Not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy the chilly snowy nights and sunny morning as those in the colder region ( We should be happy about it). Oops!No room for a fireplace? But we all adore the charm of a living room with a fireplace, as shown in the movies, especially the romantic ones. So what can be done for the fireplace? Fake it. Yep, you read that right. Make a fake fireplace with walls (similar to actual one). Instead of the firewood, you can use e-candles or candles. Happy?

Home decor ideas

Hey! There, what are your home decor ideas apart from these? Let us know in the Comments section below!

Till then, Happy Decorating!


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