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Inside the Anonymous Amar Colony Furniture Market in Delhi

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My German friend first told me about the furniture market in Amar Colony. At first, I was actually dismissive about the very idea.  Above all, Amar Colony is a congested area in South Delhi. It is probably best known for shops selling modestly priced bridal wear dresses. Furthermore, I was not aware of the Amar Colony furniture market. I was aware of the MG Road furniture shops in Gurgaon and the Kirti Nagar furniture market in West Delhi. But Amar Colony in South Delhi?

Where is Amar Colony Shopping Market?

We soon made enquiries and found our way.  As a matter of fact, the approach to the market is quite difficult, as we found out when we were on our way there. finally, we found this market. This place is right in the heart of the Amar Colony residential area where there are lots of small row houses. It is a congested area with very little parking as compared to other shopping markets in Delhi. Even the roads are narrow. Two wheelers, small cars, big cars, pedestrians and dogs are all moving along the same narrow road. Hence, parking is an issue.

It is by accident that we found this Delhi shopping market. There is no signage. Dusty dressing tables and cupboards were on the roadside. A single chair was being given the final polish at the end of the road. There is a chaiwala (tea stall vendor) dishing out innumerable cups of tea.

Furniture in Amar Colony shopping market

I must say that we were not prepared for something this huge. It is about 2000 square yards of open space. It is like a huge courtyard. The furniture shops are at the back end of the courtyard.

At last we could see furniture strewn everywhere. There are unfinished furniture pieces by the hundreds all over the place.

We make our way in through a narrow passage where loaders were busy ferrying furniture pieces in and out. Cupboards, chest of drawers and work desks are some of pieces that were stocked here. They were all unfinished pieces, waiting to be polished and delivered.

Small shops

As we proceeded further, we spotted the row of shops. They are not really distinct furniture shops but rather they are a single stretch of shops, each having a defined space, approximately 25′ by 10′, covered with plastic sheets for protection from sun& rain. They are temporary shelters so there is no permanent roof over these shops.

There is a kind of walk way that will lead you to the shops. In addition, the walkway is also stored with furniture. There is a common area behind all the shops for polishing and providing the finishing touches to the furniture pieces.

Tables and Stools

As we started walking and checking out the shops, we found several antique cupboards, chest of drawers, stools, settees, center tables, bar stools, sofa sets, beds, dressing tables, coat hangers and treasure chests. There were tin posters and brass idols, brass elephants, statues, lanterns, antique telephones and a myriad other items.

What an amazing experience in the heart of Delhi.

Finally, we recommend that you check out the Amar colony furniture market for practical and aesthetic furniture pieces for your home. The prices are good and you can bargain.

For instance, the furniture can be customised to your requirements.

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