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Should I Keep Up With The Joneses To Host A Big Fat Indian Wedding?

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Indian Wedding: With Indian weddings getting bigger and bigger every year, we wonder if brides are really and truly interested in such extravaganza. Firstly, weddings should be a very personal way of expression and choice, we think.

Recent surveys indicate that brides were typically willing to spend between Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 lakhs on their wedding. They would obviously spend a part of it on their  wedding dress, jewellery, other accessories and on their honeymoon of course.  As a matter of fact ,wedding lehengas, bridal gowns and jewellery are all very expensive. In addition, some brides even prefer to rent them out rather than purchase them outright.

Apart from the above, let us check out where else the brides are willing to spend the money for a typical Indian wedding.

1. Wedding Planner

 Indian Wedding

A wedding planner is a person or an agency who would ideally take charge and do everything to host a successful wedding. They will assist with the invitations, the gift boxes that go with the invitations, in selecting the wedding venue, finalizing the decor for the venue, identifying entertainment options for the wedding, identifying mehendi artists for the mehendi function and finally assist in fulfilling all the religious or customary practices in a wedding.

2. Venue

 Indian Wedding

The venue selection will depend on the location, the number of guests, the budget and whether it is a destination wedding is desired. Typically good hotels are the preferred venue for a wedding, as they have the essential infrastructure and catering services. Top locations for destinations weddings in India include, Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Kerala and Jodhpur.

Thailand, SriLanka or Maldives are some of the favorite out of country destinations.

If it is a destination wedding, the wedding planner would definitely be required to organise the whole event at the destination.

3.  Decor in the Wedding Venue

 Indian Wedding

The flower arrangements, the lights, the table placement, all of it require careful thought and consideration. Some brides would like a background of flowers while others would prefer simple white and red flowers. The props, candles, the colour of the flowers -all of them add to creating the wedding atmosphere. Does the wedding have a special theme? Is it an outdoor wedding or /and indoor wedding? Is the wedding at night or in the morning? All these factors are very important in finalizing the decor for the wedding.

4. Indian Wedding: Food

 Indian Wedding

Selection of the wedding cuisine is a critical part of the wedding. Some people opt for a variety of Continental, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, North Indian and South Indian cuisines while other would like to keep it simple with just two types of cuisines. Again, it is a personal choice.

It would depend on the bride and the groom, the preference of the guests, the chef and the budget.

5.  Indian Wedding: Photography & Video

It is important to select the right photographer and the right videographer. A photographer could take up to 1000 unwanted pictures .They should be instructed on the number of photos that is required. The time line for closure should also be finalized with the photographe. While photographs are important for keeping the wedding memories alive, one should remember that a few good photos are the ones you will end up viewing after thirty or forty years.

Your wedding day should be the most beautiful day of your life. Make it personal. Make it memorable!

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