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Christmas Gift

It is the holiday season & Santa Claus is readying to visit you, bearing gifts.Let’s get started with Christmas gift ideas.

The  beautiful trees, sparkling lights & colourful baubles are all required to decorate Christmas trees. As a matter of fact, they are standard items that are available everywhere. However, buying gifts can be challenging and some thought needs to go into it.

Christmas is all about families, friends & gifting.Let us consider ourselves lucky that we have wonderful families and friends with whom to shares our lives.Finding the perfect gifts for families and friends should therefore be a very pleasurable and rewarding activity. However, with the pandemic scare still hanging over our heads, we are naturally more inclined to do online shopping, where we can sit in the comfort of our homes and order gifts, to be delivered at our doorsteps so as to bring smiles to the faces of our loved ones. Above all, it is the holiday season & let’s be creative.

Shopkhoj has chosen exciting online gifts for this season. These gifts are available on Amazon.

Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Xmas Tree And Goodies Gift Basket

For instance ,this colourful  & beautifully decorated Christmas cake  from Theobroma is sure to melt your hearts & will  definitely melt in your mouth.


2. Christmas Scented Candles – Set Of 4

 In a departure from simple candles, these beautifully painted aroma candles come in cheerfully painted  Christmas themed boxes. Enjoy the sights & the smells.
Scented Candles

3. Plastic Santa Clause Ladder Musical Show Up & Down,  Multicolour

Santa Claus climbs up & down the ladder.For instance, just place it near your Christmas tree and watch the excitement in the little one’s face.
Santa Claus

4. Top Marvel Hero Games Christmas Gifts

  Similarly, The Avenger’s playing game sets for kids is very interesting .Kids love it and hence adults too.
Marvel Games

5. Nail Art for Girls

 However, girls love to paint their hands.  In other words, let them have a bit of fun during their holidays.

Nail Art for Girls


6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 BTS Butter Version Instant Camera

Get a Polaroid camera that can click pictures.As a matter of fact, mobile phones act as out friend, philosopher, guide & photographers. We may have forgotten albums however, the idea of printing a photo instantly is sure exciting .


7. Electric Rose Quartz Face Roller- Christmas Gift

Why not choose a gift that is unique and outside the normal selection?

Get a  face Lift & Skin Tightening roller  & ice massage it. In other words it will be an unexpected gift. In addition, she will be happy.

Ice Roller

8. Imitation Jewellery as Christmas gifts

Surely, one can never go wrong with imitation jewellery. It adds colour & compliments your style. Above all, it is always an useful & much loved gift.
Imitation JEwelery

9. Vintage Photo Holders – Set Of 5

 As a matter of fact, let’s forget being modern & contemporary. Order a vintage photo set & make photos standout with these vintage photo holders. Further, this gift has a timeless appeal.

Vintage Photo Holders


10.Premium Acupressure Mat & Acupressure Pillow Set |

To relieve all the stress of  back pains & neck pains resulting from WFH get a mat & pillow set.In other words ,everyone deserves it. Further, they would welcome it.

Acupressure Mat

11. Personalized Name Wooden Christmas Ornament- Christmas gift ideas

Why not get the kids name printed and then hang it on Christmas trees. Above all, It will be a surprise .
Christmas Ornaments

12. Indoor Real Bonsai Live Plants for Home/Office with Pot – 4 Years Old

Bonsai is a real treat.In other words, greenery and oxygen are at a premium.
Bonsoi plant

13. Stainless Steel with Wooden Handles Cheese Knife, Cheese Fork, Cheese Slicer, Cheese Spread Wide Server Set of (Dark Black Set of 4 )

The Cheese platter comes handy especially during party times.In addition, cheese is healthy and a variety of imported cheese is available in the shops.
Cheese Platter

 In conclusion ,thats all we have for you now. Merry Christmas from Shopkhoj.

What are the best gift Christmas Gifts this season?

Check out our blog on Christmas gift ideas 2021. Ice roller massage, Accupressure mats and bonsai plants.


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