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Best Handicrafts Shops in Jaipur

Best Handicraft Shops in Jaipur
Best Handicraft Shops in Jaipur

Best Handicraft Shops in Jaipur

Neerja International

The blue pottery is a very famous product of Rajasthan.It is believed  that Mughal  influence has introduced this concept. There are plates, coasters, door knobs and vases that are popular blue pottery items.

The beautiful blue pottery is a traditional craft of Rajasthan and the name comes from the Indigo colour dye that is used to colour it….Read more

Mayur Arts

Huge sculptures in marble are attractive and aesthetic pieces.  Mayur Arts is  one of the best handicraft shops in Rajasthan. Having a marble fountain  and sculptures in the lawn is quite normal in big bungalows.  This is huge shop that specializes in antique marble and other ethnic handicrafts. As you enter, you will stand transfixed looking at the beautiful and intricately carved antique marble fountain…Read more

Kripal Kumbh

This shop is in central Jaipur . It is a quiet lane . As you walk into the store , you can witness  some workers giving the final touches to the finished products .Kripal Singh Shekhawat, also known as the father of Blue Pottery, was born in a Rajput family in 1922 in Rajasthan….Read more

Dev Arts Jewels

Miniature paintings is another speciality of Rajasthan.This is an art school cum store headed by Mr. Jugal Kishore who specializes in miniature paintings . He has won several prestigious awards in recognition of his work from the Rajasthan State Government and other agencies…..Read more


Rajasthali is one of the bets handicraft shops in Jaipur. Rajasthali stocks everything form carpets ,textiles ,jewellery and furniture items.The state emporium of Rajasthan, Rajasthali is a treat for visitors. They have an amazing variety of handicrafts, sculptures and art work….Read more

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