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Top Shawls and Scarves Shops in Pondicherry: Have you discovered one of the easiest ways to look chic yet? Try layering your dress with shawls and scarves…and you will certainly love the way it adds a beautiful dimension to any boring outfit.

Let us give you the list of places that are awesome for shopping for beautiful shawls and scarves in the quaint city of Pondicherry.

Kasha Ki Aasha boasts of a lovely range of eclectic products. Shawls and scarves, cotton tunics and casual wear clothes are available here. These garments are sourced from several NGOs that employ women and some of them are created in house by the women employees themselves.

We found the products reasonably priced too.

Love yourself in a some colourful and bright sequined stoles? We surely do and which is why the collection of shawls and scarves at Decraft in the French Quarters wins our heart. With his roots in Kashmir, the shop owner loves to stock garments and accessories from that region.

Decraft also boasts of an attractive range of small jewellery pieces, bags and footwear. Small silver earrings and bracelets with beads and small purses make up the collection.