Shops in Pondicherry

Shops In Pondicherry

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La Boutique D' Auroville

La Boutique D’Auroville

La Boutique D’Auroville is a large store in  the Auroville complex.Each of the...

Kalki boutique

Kalki Boutique

Firstly, the Kalki Boutique in Auroville Pondicherry is another large shop in the Visitor...

La Boutique Auroville, Pondicherry

La Boutique D’ Auroville

What appears to be a small shop will surprise you as you...

Hidesign Pondicherry


“Hidesign is a leather goods manufacturer founded in 1978 in Pondicherry.The company...

Kasha Ki Asha

Kasha Ki Aasha

Kasha Ki Aasha ( meaning Kasha’s dream in Hindi) was conceptualized and...

Anokhi Pondicherry

Anokhi, Pondicherry

Anokhi in Pondicherry This shop is in a quiet lane in the...

10:00 am – 7:30 pm

Home Trotter

Home Trotter, Pondicherry

“Soft lighting with a display of contemporary furniture greets you as you...

The Metal Craft

The Metal Craft

The Metal Craft is a small boutique for bronze statues in the...



As you enter Geethanjali, there is an open courtyard with lovely water...



Janaki- Home Decor

Janaki is a project to promote conscious and sustainable living. This is...


Curio Centre

Curio Centre- Furniture

Within walking distance from the Geethanjali store is Curio Center, which stocks...

Boutique St. Laurent Pondicherry

Boutique St. Laurent- Scented Candles

Boutique St’Laurent Pondicherry shop in St Laurent street is on the 1st...

 Best Pondicherry Shops

As a matter of fact, people drive from Chennai to Pondicherry just to shop.
Firstly,it is an idyllic ride along the sea coast from Chennai to Pondicherry.  In addition, Pondicherry has the Auroville shopping center,the French Quarters and the Tamil Quarters. In addition,

Auroville is the go to place for beautiful garments,furniture and household goods.

Best shops in the French Quarters,Pondicherry

Janaki is the most well known shop that stocks beautiful furniture,home decor, garments and personal products. Above all, this shop is in the french Quarters.  Further,when you are visiting the French Quarters,also check the Gitanjali and for some exquisite antique furniture and brass products.

Best Shops in Tamil Quarters,Pondicherry

In the Tamil Quarters, Studio Ebony and Home Trotter are popular shops for modern furniture.  As a matter of fact, check out the unusual tables and Lamps at these places.

Best Shops in Auroville, Pondicherry

Auroville manufactures candles and clocks, soaps and shampoos,conditioners and body creams, incense and potpourri.  In other words, the list is endless. They also create beautiful table mats,lamps, stationery and other items made of paper.
Kalki,,La Boutique Auroville, Boutique St Laurent are some of the shops that particularly stock all the Auroville products.

Pondicherry is also well known for very trendy western garments such as skirts,tops, palazzo pants,jackets and the like.  As a matter of fact, many foreigners have made Pondicherry their home and they have introduced new designs in new fabrics. For example, the Jamdani Tant Fabrics have been put to use in unique ways for tops and jackets. Further, beautiful cotton printed material and Chanderi material are used in a variety of ways to create stylish and trendy outfits. Finally, visit La Boutique,Meera,Kalki and Janaki to pick the best outfits of your choice.

Also, The Casablanca Store in theTamil Quarters has some exquisite home linen. Bed covers, quits, bed sheets, dining covers, dining mats ,cushion covers etc. This is a huge shop on 3 levels, The stock imitation jewellery & cosmetics on the ground floor. Garments for men,women & children on the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor is reserved for furnishings . Close to this shop is Kalki. There is also stock garments for men ,women & children footwear, candles,incense,insect repellants and a host of soaps ,creams, moisturisers, shampoos &conditioners .

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