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Best Fabrics Shops In Pondicherry: Do you think ready-made outfit are easy to purchase and use or fabrics are what you like to choose for those DIY days in this age of customization. The choice is yours!

Especially when you are in a country like India, you know each state has so much to offer not just in terms of distinct traditions but unique handloom techniques and hence the fabrics.

What makes each of these fabrics stand out is the way craftsmen give wings to their imagination through diverse prints and rich weaves that are so unique to the particular state. These prints in vibrant colors are greatly influenced by nature, religious structures, geometric patterns, as well as rural life.

Be it cotton fabric with basic prints, gauzy chiffons, georgette, polyester or heavy brocades with sequins and lace work, you will certainly come across a huge variety when you go shopping in Indian markets.

In case you are looking for some dress material and fab cloth in the city of Pondicherry, Shopkhoj has a few suggestions.

Head over to the Tamil Quarters to visit Aboran, a small shop but with modest offerings. We particularly liked their selection of cotton printed fabrics and polyster fabrics. Besides, the shop is home to cotton nightgowns. You can buy these products at a very affordable range too.

Check out Shopkhoj.com for the best fabrics shops in the quaint city of Pondicherry.

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