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What's Interesting:Silver artefacts & Paintings

Products:Jewellery, Gold & Diamond, Silver Jewellery, Handicrafts

64-65, Dasher Kothi, Amer Road, Jaipur

Wide range

Days Closed

Open all days


Near Amer City heritage hotel



Antiquariat  Jaipur (India) Pvt. Ltd.

There are no display boards to welcome you to the Antiquariat Jaipur store. This store is in a quiet corner of the street.

Antiquariat shop in Jaipur has excellent quality gems, jewellery, paintings, and even some antique handicraft pieces. It is a quiet shop with not many visitors. But the showroom is huge. So even if you do not plan to buy any jewellery, you can spend time looking at the several beautiful jewellery pieces, precious gems, silver artifacts, antique items and paintings on display. They stock kind of heavy heirloom pieces .

The owners have been in business in Jaipur since 1975 and have an outstanding reputation. However, you can take your time to negotiate the prices in this Jaipur shop.

Tour guides usually take bus load of tourists to such shops.  Guides operate on commission at times.

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