Amber Fort Shopping | Best Shops in Amber Fort Market, Jaipur

Amber Fort Jaipur Shopping

About Amber Fort Jaipur Shopping

Amber Fort or Amer Fort is a magnificent fort in pale red sandstone...Read More

Best Shops In Amber Fort Jaipur Shopping

About Amber Fort Jaipur Shopping

Amber Fort or Amer Fort is a magnificent fort in pale red sandstone & marble in the town of Amer, 11 kms from Jaipur. It was once the residence of the state’s Rajput rulers. Photos of the Amer Fort do not compare to the real life experience of standing at the footsteps of the fort.

Elephant Ride@Amer Fort Jaipur

Moreover, tourists admire the sight of the elephants majestically ride up the ramparts.

If you are a tourist, we recommend you to enjoy an elephant ride here. The Amber Fort has a mandir, the public rooms and the private rooms of the erstwhile maharajahs. One of the most exquisite parts of the fort is the Diwan-e-Khas or the hall meant for private audience. It’s also called Sheesh Mahal or the hall of mirrors as its walls are covered in intricate mirror work. It also faces a beautiful garden. Further, there is a moat surrounding the fort.

Amber Fort: Top Tourist Attraction in Jaipur

Needless to say, the Amber Fort area is predominantly a tourist area. All the tourist buses and the private taxis and cabs stop here. As is always the case, there are a number of shops in and around this area.  Some of the best shops for handicrafts are within the Fort area. You can find here shops for typical Rajasthani fabrics, jewellery, marble handicrafts as well as furnishings.

If you are short of time to go around shopping in the market below the fort, do visit the government owned shop in the fort premises. You can shop for carpets, jewellery, white metal handicrafts, textiles, bed covers and quilts.

Amber Fort/Amer Fort – Jaipur Street Shopping

However, serious shopping is done in the broad roads leading to the city of Jaipur especially, the Amer Road. There are popular shops for stone and wooden handicrafts silver artefacts, gemstones and beautiful furnishings.

When you visit the shops identified by our team in this market, you will realize that they are popular shops with a significant export clientele.

The kaftans, patchwork quilts, cotton dhurries and cushions are some of the best exported items at Saurashtra Impex Store and at Riddhi Siddhi Textile shop.

Similarly, the Antiquariat store and Bhandari Jewellers boast of exquisite handmade gemstone jewellery.

Further, Channi Crapets and Jaipur Boutique Carpet & Vaintino Textiles are popular for their exquisite carpets.

This is certainly one of the best shopping markets in Jaipur.

Other Markets

Johari Bazar Jaipur shops

  • Johari Bazar literally means jewellers market. It is a long stretch of road in the old part of the town with shops on either side of the road. The famous HawaMahal is just beyond the main Jaipur shopping area in this road.There are several shops in this market that sell gemstones, silver and gold jewellery.Traditional jewellery includes Kundan jewellery (cut and polished glass/gemstones on pure gold or metal base) polki jewellery (uncut diamond in gold base) and enamel work jewellery, also known as ‘Minakari’, which is famous in Jaipur.Apart from being the center for jewellery, Johari Bazar also stocks bridal lehangas( traditional long skirts) and saris in bandhej and leheriya styles (tie and dye.) Ranas and Rooplaxmi are two well known shops that are sought after by people who wish to buy wedding trousseau. There are several other shops that sell saris, salwar suit pieces, scarves, stoles, semi precious stones and gems, silver jewellery, lac bangles, razais(Rajasthani quilts) and bed covers . The National Handloom Corporation is a Government owned shop that stocks everything under one roof. The famous LMB (Lakshmi Mishtan Bhandar) snack house,sweet shop and restaurant, is located in this road and attracts a lot of locals and tourists alike. It is famous for chaat ( spicy snacks ), the Rajasthani traditional sweet Ghewar and special Rajasthani food. Narayanji GajakWale is another famous sweet shop here. The bustling crowd, color and vivacity make shopping in Johari Bazar a unique experience. The rich cultural heritage and creative energy of the city is evident in the products on display in the shops.It is Jaipur shopping at its best.

    Johari Bazar Market Shopping

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