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What's Interesting:Watch Carpet Weaving

Products:Carpets, Furnishing

Jaipur Mahal Kailashpuri, Amer Road, Jaipur-302002


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Behind Golimar Garden



Review of Jaipur Boutique Carpet & Valintin Textiles Shop in Jaipur

Jaipur Boutique Carpet & Valintino textiles is one of the group companies of the Sharma Group.

Silk Carpets in Jaipur

Firstly, as you walk in through the stately doors, you will notice that there are people who are sitting on the floor and weaving carpets on the looms. You can get to speak to them and understand the intricacies of warp and the weft in carpet weaving. They are woolen carpets for which Rajasthan is very famous. Woolen carpets are made in Rajasthan in a great variety of designs and much of it is exported. Silk carpets are procured from Kashmir.

As you enter the basement of the shop, you can see the spectacular range of carpets that are available. The colors and designs range form classic to Middle Eastern to contemporary. The demand from the overseas market has fashioned the design sensibilities of the carpet manufacturers. Go up a flight of stairs and be astonished at the range of products that are available in this huge store.

Home Furnishings in Jaipur

Furthermore, bed spreads & throws in colorful Rajasthani designs, patchwork and quilted furnishings in the latest of styles and colors, scarves in digital prints, saris and fabrics are all available in abundance. Theoretically, you will be able to complete your Jaipur shopping in this store alone.Therefore, the products are all very well made and hence the premium prices. No harm in negotiating for better prices though.

As a matter of fact ,they deal in Real state, Tourism & Hospitality, Gems & Jewellry & Handmade Carpets . Further ,they are also involved with high quality textiles and Food Industry . They are Head quarterd in Europe (Italy). In addition, they have strategic offices in India (Jaipur).

Sharma Group is an international group, founded by Indian Businessman Mr. Jagannath Sharma in India that has been developed in different companies active in various sectors.

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