Valentine Week

VALENTINE’s WEEK 7- 14th February

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Finally, let us get started with the Valentine Week 


Valentine’s Week  starts with Rose Day on the 7th February. Flowers are always a beautiful expression of love. Sending & receiving roses  are all  very romantic. Send her  a bunch of roses in the colours she will love.

Valentine's Week


8th February  Propose Day   If you know that she is ‘THE” special someone ,then plan to propose on 8th February,if you are ready . Propose and make sure she says “yes”. There are million ways to make her say yes. Ofcourse, you will have to check with the her Father first . That is the  proper protocol.

Valentine's Day Week


9th February is chocolate day Anyone is game for chocolates. The markets are flooded with artisanal  chocolates,drak chocolates and several other varieties . It really makes your head go around circles. But choose a big box for him or for her and enjoy eating it too.

Chocolate Day


Teddy Day- 10th February. Teddys are the cuddles & the soft toys. You can surprise your special friend with beautiful cuddly Teddy.They are cute even when you are an adult.

Valentine's Week


11th February Promises Day – You can both keep your promises until next year. Promise to enjoy each other’s company and promise to make each other Happy forever.

Valentine's Day


12th February  Hug Day –Hugging is comforting . You feel wanted & close to people.Hugging is reassuring .Why not give a BIG HUG TO the special person& hold hands tightly? It is a beautiful feeling  as long as it lasts.

Hugg Day


6th day of the Valentine Week  is Kiss Day-13th February. Kisses can be flying kisses if you are physically not with the person you love. A kiss seals the relationship in the mose romantic way  Valentine's Week

Valentine’s Day  14th February .–  Celebrate the person in your life on Valentine’s Day. It is a special day with a special purpose.

The beauty is in  the moment. Nothing lasts forever. Let us celebrate love & the essence of life  as long as it lasts .There are myriad ways to demonstrate love for your loved one.So, dont Stop. Express your love. It will make you creative & feel beautiful too.

Valentines Day

There are a million props like cards, flowers, chocolates & gifts to show & share your love. What is stopping you ? It is ok even if the other person does not reciprocate . Your honourable intentions must mean something to you.

But it seems like picking out a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend can be a tricky task. Let help find you the perfect gift to make your Valentine feel special and loved this Valentine’s Day.

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