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Carpets in Chennai

Carpets in Chennai

Chennai is a hot & humid place all year round. Hence, it is not the best place to buy rugs, carpets and shawls that are typically found in colder places. However, Chennai has some good shops for carpets. It is probably due to the fact that Chennai attracts a lot of tourists who are interested in rugs, carpets and shawls. Carpets could be modern carpets, Kashmiri carpets or dhurries. got you covered with top 5 shops for carpets in Chennai…

Contemporary Carpets

Carpets in Chennai
Contempory Carpets from

There are varieties of carpets that are available in the market. The machine made, mass produced carpets can be found in several shops and furnishing stores. While some of them are made in India, some of them are imported.They are available in contemporary designs.

Kashmiri Carpets

Carpets in Chennai
Kashmiri Carpets from

Kashmiri carpets are made with mulberry silk by carpet weavers in Kashmir. They are hand knotted. The knots per square inch define the thickness and the richness of the carpet. The knots can be seen at the back of the carpets. The Kashmir silk on silk carpets are soft & exquisite. The amazing thing about the Kashmir carpet is that it changes colours when viewed from different angles.


Carpets in Chennai
Durries from

Dhurries are flat and woven with thick cotton or woollen fibres. Some  of them have colourful geometrical designs while some have subdued pleasing colours & designs.

Best Shops for Carpets in Chennai

1. Rug Weave

The Rug Weave shop in Nungambakkam has imported carpets from Central Asia and Kashmiri carpets, rugs and dhurries. In addition, they also stock contemporary machine made carpets.

2. Central Cottage Industries

This is a government shop and the choice of carpets is limited.

3. Cottage Arts Emporium

The cottage Arts Emporium has a decent collection of Kashmir carpets that are distinct.

4. Cottage Industries Exposition Ltd.

The cottage Industries Exposition store in Nungambakkam is one of the best shops in Chennai for Kashmiri carpets.

The collection is vast and interesting. The designs,such as a rider on a horse look magnificent.

5. The Museum Company

This shop in Alwarpet, has both silk carpets and carpets made in wool.

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