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What's Interesting:Greta selection of textiles

Products:Carpets, Clothing, Salwar Suits, Furnishing, Home Decor, Fabric

9 Jowahar Singh Gate | Amer Rd, Jaipur 302002, India


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Amber Palace Road




Amber Palace Road bus stop

Best Jaipur Shop for Jackets

The Amber Palace Road in Jaipur is full of shops selling blue pottery, sculptures, bed sheets and bed covers. This is the road that leads to Jaipur City from Amber Palace. Riddhi Siddhi Textiles is a small shop on this road . As you approach this shop, you will notice the patchwork quilts that are displayed on the store front and the colorful umbrellas on the porch.


If you are interested in shopping in Jaipur for textiles and home furnishings, you would definitely like to visit Riddhi Siddhi Textiles. It is a shop for fabric lovers. The following are some of the items that we found here:

Readymade salwar sets in soft cottons with bright floral prints. The designs were unusual and interesting .

Unstitched or semi stitched salwar sets

Quilted jackets

Colorful patchwork umbrellas

Dining table covers and mats

Cushion covers

Colorful wall hangings in mirror work and patch work


Sanganeri prints

Soft quilts in malmal fabric with pastel prints

Duvet covers

Dohar( soft blankets)

Dupattas and stoles ,in both cotton & wool.

Riddhi Siddhi also has a warehouse close by where they stock a large quantity of material. If you are keen to browse through their large stock, you can visit the warehouse.

The shop undertakes customization and they can ship products to any corner of the world. In fact, at the time of our visit , there were a few overseas customers who were getting quilted jackets made while a few others were placing orders for cushion covers and a large wall hanging. Some even wanted the multi colored umbrellas. Many of them were wholesale buyers from abroad, placing orders for large quantities.

We picked up printed palazzo pants and a full length dress in white with stylish floral patterns, each at Rs 1,200/piece.

The stoles /dupattas in wool were around Rs 1,400/piece.

The prices were very reasonable and ranged from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 per piece. Overall,  it is an interesting and unusual shop.

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