Silver jewellery in Johari Bazar

Johari Bazar Silver Shopping

Market :-

Products :- Jewellery  Silver Jewellery  

Days Closed :- Open all days

Timing :- 11am-8pm

Address :- Johari Bazar, silver jewellery lane

Landmark :- Johari Bazar Market

Parking :- Available

Price Range :- Wide range

Payment Methods :- Cash

Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery in Johari Bazar   is very famous. As the name Johari bazar indicates, this market is best known for Jewellery.  Every tourist will be seen in this market for sure.  Johari Bazar is best  known for jewellery & textiles shops. Johari Bazar means jeweler’s market.

It is a long lane with a row of shops on either side of the road and  all the shops are of  uniform size. It is a wholesale market & a retail market . You can find shop keepers selling dry fruits, grains, pulses, jewellery & textiles. Due to the variety of goods available here , the market is always crowded. The buildings are all painted in pink. Jaipur is known as the pink city. Another unique thing about this market is that every shop has a unique number which is painted in black .Two of Jaipur’s most famous landmarks are located here . City Palace & Hawa Mahal.

Once you cross the Hawai Mahal ( Palace of Breeze) and move along Johari Bazar to wards Sanganeri Gate, you will see a lot of jewellery shops along the way. For example, Kundan, minakari and silver jewellery are available in these shops.

There are about 20 shops  on this route . As a mater of fact, they arre small shops. However, they  stock  exquisite silver jewellery. Rings, toe rings, silver chains, earrings, bracelets and bangles are available in plenty.For instance, some are embedded with precious stones and some with semi precious stones. If you are a lover of silver jewellery, make sure to stop by in Johari Bazar and check out the silver jewellery. The prices are wide ranging.

In other words, walk into 3-4 shops and check out the prices before you buy anything.

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