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What's Interesting:Jackfruit Wood artefacts

Products:Gifts and Handicrafts, Home Decor

Aurovile way, Main Road, Periamudaliar Chvady, Pondicherry



Days Closed

Open all days


Near MG Road Indian Bank


Roadside parking

Auro Wood Works Modern Art

Auro Wood Works is a small shop on the main MG road. It is not in any well-known Pondicherry shopping market area and is hence difficult to locate.
They create beautifully polished artefacts from wood. Oak wood, portia wood, jack wood and teak wood are the ones that are frequently used. Some of the pieces on display are pen stands, bowls, and images of elephants and of Hindu gods like Ganesha and images of faces resembling the paintings of Picasso .There is a lot of variety and artistry in the pieces. The prices are very reasonable.

Mr. J Subramani is the proprietor and he had started to work in his father’s workshop when he was barely 10 years old. The shop has been in existence for the last two decades. Their wokrshop is next door to the shop.

Auro Wood Works can customize orders and ship it to any place of your choice. The time for creating a custom made piece could take anything from 3 days to 1 month, depending on the complexity of a job.

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