Boutique St. Laurent Pondicherry

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What's Interesting:Children's Garments

Products:Cosmetics & Skincare, Home Decor

10,rue du Bazar Saint Laurent, Pondicherry 605001


starts from Rs.1000

Days Closed

Open all days


Near Hotel Ajanta


Roadside parking

Boutique St. Laurent,Pondicherry

Boutique St. Laurent, Pondicherry, is in St Laurent street is on the 1st floor. It is a residence converted to a store. As you enter, there is a section for kids garments and casual wear garments for women. Skirts, dresses and light cotton tops ,all ideal summer wear clothes are all well stocked. They also stock tops and tunics made from knitted fabric.

There are food products in one room and leather bags,candles, and incense in another room. All the products are made in Auroville, Pondicherry. If you are on a quick tour to Pondicherry and would like to visit an Auroville store in the French quarters, then this an ideal shop to visit.

They also  has guest rooms on the 1st floor starting from Rs. 1500 upto Rs 3000 per room per night. They are close to the Pondicherry Promenade  beach . it is hence an ideal location.

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