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Top 5 Saree Shops in Kolkata- Rated by Shopkhoj Viewers

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Firstly, Kolkata, in West Bengal has some of the best Saree shops in India.  For example, The Murshidabad silk, Balucheri silk, Tussar silk, Kantha silks, cotton tant sari and the intricately designed Jamdani Saris are all very popular types of saris. Read on to know more about the top 5 saree shops in Kolkata…

Here is a Brief Explanation of the type of Saree:

Tant is a stiff cotton sari woven in some towns in Bengal as well as in Bangladesh. They are colorful with bright motifs. They could cost anything from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000/piece.

Jamdani refers to intricate handwork done of fine transparent muslin fabric. The Jamdani weaving is also referred to as Dhakai Jamdani.

Balucheri Saris are woven in Murshidabad and Bishnupur. Mythological stories are depicted in the pallu of the sarees.

Kantha embroidered Saris are also very famous in Kolkata. They deploy the running stitch that is used in making quilts and blankets to weave wonderful designs in the Sarees.

Tussar silk is produced in Malda district of West Bengal. It is a light silk and is yellowish brown in colour in its original state.

Garad Saris are white Saris with red border. It is a typical Bengali sari that is worn by women on festive occasions.

Also refer to the glossary on Indian Textiles in

Saree Shops in Kolkata

Top 5 saree shops in Kolkata – Here’s the list:

1. Priyo Gopal Bishoyi

Saree Shops in Kolkata

Pic credit :- Priya gopal Bishoyi

Priyo Gopal Bishoyi has a stock of Tant Saris, Dhakai Jamdani Saris, tussar Saris, Banarsi saris and Kanjivaram silk Saris.

For instance, in the silk saree variety, they stock Banarsi silks, Assam silk Saris, Balucheri, silk saris, Chanderi silk saris, Kosa silk saris, soft silk saris and Tussar silk saris

2. Indian Silk House

Pic credit :- Indian silk House

As a matter of fact ,Indian Silk House is another favorite shop of the locals in Kolkata. They stock Bandhej, Banarsi, Bomkai, Chanderi, chiffon, cotton Dhakai, Gadwal, ikaat, kantha silk, kattan silk, Maheshwari saris, paithni silk saris,  patola saris, south silk saris, Tussar saris, Uppada silk saris and Brocade saris.

In addition, they stock unstitched lehenga pieces in Banarsi fabrics

Further, you can also shop for ready made silk blouses, abrics and accessories such as handbags.

3. Adi Dhakeshwari Bastralaya- Top 5 Saree shops in Kolkata

Pic credit :- Adi Bastralya

The Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya is an established shop for Saris.  In addition, they have several branches in Kolkata.

Adi Dakeshwari colletcion

This shop has Banarsi saris, printed Patola silk saris with blouse, Dhakai Net silk Saris, Uppada silks saris and salwar suit pieces in Bengal cotton fabrics.

For example,the prices would be Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000/piece on average.

Light weight Saris

They also stock ,Art Silk Saris, Bhagalpuri art silk Saris, handloom Saris, Kerala cotton Saris and linen saris .  Further, The cost  would be less than Rs. 5000/piece.

4. Traders Assembly

Pic credit :- Traders Assembly

Traders Assembly store has an excellent variety of South silk saris, Kanjivaram  silk Saris, Kantha silks and Banarsi silk Saris, Tant Saris and Jamdani Saris.

5. Ananda Sarees- Top 5 Saree Shops in Kokata

Ananda sarees were originally set up to focus on the handloom sarees of Bengal.

Tangail and Bengal handloom saris are styled and woven differently . There are also crepe silk sarees, printed silk saris, Katan Banarsi saris with unusual designs and pallu. In addition, they stock Tussar, Monga silk saris and cotton jamdani saris with distinct design here. Visit this store if you wish to  wear unique and unusual sarees.

Pic credit :-

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  1. Bandhuli says:

    Thanks for this helpful article… It nicely covers up all the leading silk saree shops in Kolkata. One thing I would like to add here is that four shops out of the five you have mentioned above are located in Gariahat in South Kolkata. You might consider doing one more list that focusses on the best saree shops located in North Kolkata.

    1. Kausy M says:

      Thank you for your mail . We will try & do it.

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