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Christmas & New Year’s Eve Parties are going to be different

Normally, Christmas and the New Year  is that time of the year when we look forward to vacations or celebrations with family & friends. People would take a week or more off from work. One would make plans to travel to exotic locations. In fact, young people would spend a better part of the year planning their annual Christmas/New Year  vacation. Booking hotels & flights to beat the rush was all part of the excitement. Travel agents would be busy  organizing vacation packages to several global venues. Also, spending time with family & friends & exchanging gifts is the customary practice. In fact, it is a time to select gifts and catch up with long lost friends. Christmas is  spent with mulled wine & enjoying the Christmas carols. The best was however reserved for plum cakes, sugary cookies & marzipan. New Year’s Eve meant all night dancing & singing, drinking & eating.



New Year'S EVE

Plum Cake

The Story of 2020

This year restrictions are in place due to the pandemic. There will be no or fewer flights between countries. People will not be able to travel to warmer climes and escape the harsh winters of Europe or England. Even if you do travel, you will need to be cognizant about the covid test requirements &  the mandatory quarantine restrictions that are in operation across the world.

No one ever thought that, as we welcomed 2020, the year would turn out to be such a spoilsport. No one expected that the Covid 19 pandemic would strike us so badly & cripple our daily life. One never thought that we will not be able to step out to work or that millions would lose their jobs.

New Year 2021

Christmas Trees

Shopping & Changing Habits 

What we buy & how we buy has  also fundamentally changed. We had to rely almost exclusively on online shopping for groceries. Online shopping for essentials picked up momentum. The shift to online shopping has accelerated dramatically ,especially among senior citizens with no  household help. Amazon & Flipkart are now  at the vanguard to satisfy all our shopping needs. People are also forced to buy clothes online as well. People not going out  to work or for entertainment also  means that sales  of non-essentials, like clothes, have dropped off.

 Shopping for Cosmetics

However, it is interesting to note that online cosmetics sales has picked up during the pandemic. Consumer behaviour experts have stated that there is a need to see colour & cheer during these times. There is a need to feel good. Apparently, cosmetics are a cost effective  means to such gratification. There is an increase in personal care products sales too. It is one of the top sellers in the online purchase category.

TIME TO MOVE ON beyond the New Year’s eve

The vaccine is here & sooner or later everyone will be able to get a shot & be safe. Let us all hope and pray for a healthier & happier 2021.

Let us  celebrate to spread  positivity cheer & Joy. We will learn to celebrate in a more modest way this year.  Let us also learn to be generous and share kindness & joy with the needy .There will be fewer friends and fewer family members to physically celebrate with, unless one is living in a joint family. At the close of 2020, there is no celebration that we look forward to.  Should we all stop dressing up? Does that mean we cannot embrace fashion? New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. New Year parties and events  scheduled at hotels & clubs are of course cancelled. We will hence have to celebrate at home and look forward to happier times in 2021. Let us welcome New Year with a  small group of friends ,a bottle of wine perhaps and dress up in style. We could be on a zoom call with friends & family. So, let us  put on a chic dress & stylish shoes.

New Year's eve


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New Year 2021


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