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Delhi is the Perfect Place to Shop- Confessions of a shopaholic

Delhi Shopping : So there I stood with seven colourful bags, large and small, square and long, filled with three pairs of shoes, a jumpsuit, a hand-bag, two dresses, a pair of jeans and pants, four earrings, a lipstick and two body-lotions!! It’s time to confess to some indulgent guilty sins by a Delhi Shopaholic.

It had been a mad mad day, scurrying around three different malls to get the best prices, catch those sales, try on various shoes sizes and finally choose the ‘perfect’ options for my semi-wardrobe ‘makeover’.

Truth be told…. I was more excited than tired! I was dying to get home, open up all the bags, try everything on and click some stylish selfies.

But I made myself sit down and have a cup of hot coffee and banana-walnut cake to rejuvenate myself, weak with walking, eyes tired of surveying a hundred different options in thirty seconds and brain cells exhausted after calculating the prices and sales on each item.

I had been in the mall for four hours and had managed to buy almost everything I had on my list. Delhi is the perfect place to shop…. Especially for a shopaholic like me, who constantly works on a trial and error basis to find new colours, cuts, fabrics and styles that suit me.

Coming back to my purchases of today, I have discovered that

It is very hard to say NO to a good pair of heels!

Delhi shopping guide
Kitten Heels from Charles&Keith

I got a lovely black kitten-heel from Charles & Keith, with a small bow in the front and small dull-gold embellishments that work perfectly with any work-outfit. Rs. 2350.

I also finally found a beautiful pair of pure-white pumps in mid-length heel in Zara – something that I had been looking for for 5 months! Rs. 3000, but aaahhh……so worth it!

I haven’t seen a single other person with these type of shoes, so I am pretty ‘pumped’ about them!

A classic black handbag can make you feel like a total diva!

bags- confessions of a shopaholic
Black handbags from

I was looking at all the usual stores for a great hand-bag that looks professional, but can carry all the fifty things every woman needs in her bag… I went to Da Milano, Hi Design, Charles&Keith, Accessorize and finally Aldo-Accessories. Here’s my take – Da Milano has a fabulous collection of colors and styles, but it is an investment with each leather bag costing starting at Rs.9000 and moving up to Rs.16000 to Rs.20,000, depending on the craftsmanship and design. Personally, I find Hi-Design a bit dull – they have professional-looking leather bags in browns and greys and blacks, but nothing that you would really want to grab off the shelf. Prices here are also between Rs. 6000 to 15,000.

 Shopping for bags- Delhi Shopping

Charles & Keith – trendy styles and decent prices but they have only have small-medium sized hand-bags and a few good sling bags. I actually prefer to buy my wallets here- they have unique shapes, good colours and are spacious enough to fit in my phone! Accessorize had some fantastic bags this season. Their totes, hand-bags, back-packs and slings in creams, peaches, blues whites and browns make for girlie yet fun looks and some bags in aqua-blue and white can even be used professionally. Their range is from Rs.3000- 11,000 ,depending on the size of the bag.

ALDO-Accessories has a very good collection of hand-bags, totes and slings in burgundy, tan, brows, whites and black. They have striped patterns and matt-finished looks as well – and it is here that I found my perfect bag. Black leather with a gold zip, and gold detailing on the outside and a beautiful, cheerful fabric with colorful flowers as an inner lining that just brightens up the entire bag every time I open it. It is a great size – it can fit small laptops and ipads, has 3 pockets for phones and other little things in the inside, has a thin outer-pocket as well, with side-golden zips that makes this bag very fashionable to carry around. These are confessions of a shopaholiic.

Jumpsuits look sooooo good!- Confessions of a shopaholic

 jumpsuits -confessions of a shopaholic
jumpsuit from

Today was the first time I bought a jumpsuit and I literally cannot stop admiring myself in the trial room! I look skinny, tall and very classic. This jumpsuit from Mango has a creamy white halter neckline top half, with small gold sequence detailing at the collar, the bottom is light beige/golden flared pants…and to complete this ultra stylish look, there is a slim dull-golden belt that makes my body look like the perfect hourglass shape, with a thin and tucked in waist.

Promod, ZaraMango and Forever 21 – all have nice black, white and multi-color jumpsuits in different fabrics, some even have jump-skirts or full length maxi dresses which are very comfortable in summers. Do try them all out to find a style that suits your body shape – the all make you feel sexy, stylish and celeb-like!

Benneton and Sisley’s jeans and pants fit me much better than ZARA or LEVIS!-Confessions of a shopaholic

Delhi Shopping guide
Jeans from

I tried six pairs of jeans in the Levis store, and though the sales-guy insisted I could alter the length or try another cut, I didn’t feel good. It was loose at the waist and didn’t fit very well either… for 3500 bucks I wanted a perfect fit. Surprisingly, while browsing through Benneton, I found a great pair of blue-jeans, in the color that I wanted and quite simply the ‘perfect’ fit. No alterations, no belts – it just fit and I felt sooo good in them. I can already see that they are going to be my favourite pair this season! And they cost only Rs 2900. Once again, these are confessions of a Shopaholic

I also tried a pair of cotton beige pants while at Benetton, and I must say I really liked the fit, texture and simplicity of the style. Again- there was no belt line, just straight pants with a simple button in front, but they can be worn with anything and feel so comfortable. Rs. 1500, and much, much better than the flimsy pants I tried on at Zara and Mango! Totally worth it!

More on the perils of cosmetic shopping in our next blog! Watch out for it girls!

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