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Top 3 Places for Imitation Jewellery in Kolkata

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Imitation Jewellery in Kolkata, West Bengal: Firstly,  Gold jewellery holds a revered place in the Bengali household .Conventionally, women wear gold jewellery at Bengali weddings and other traditional functions. However, trends have changed and imitation jewellery/artificial jewellery is very much in vogue.

Imitation Jewellery in Kolkata: Top Shops

Firstly, let us take you through the best places to shop for imitation jewellery in Kolkata. In fact ,the street shops are the best places to find a wide variety of imitation jewellery set in the latest designs.

imitation jewellery in Kolkata
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1. Imitation Jewellery in Kolkata: Gariahat

Kimbadanti Stores stands opposite Basanti Devi College .Walk towards Rashbehari Avenue and you will come across at least 15 to 20 shops selling a wide variety of imitation jewellery. For instance, they have chunky heavy pieces as also lightweight small trinkets for daily use.

Further, there is jewellery made of terracotta, oxidized brass, beads, translucent and opaque stones. Further, feather and different metallic alloys are also used in jewellery making. Some are funky jewellery pieces. Most of the jewellery is inspired by tribal designs. Click Here for Gariahat shopping 

2. Imitation Jewellery in Kolkata: Dhakuria, Dakshinapan

Outside the gates of Dakshinapan Shopping Complex there is a cluster of 10-12 shops on both sides of the pavement. As a matter of fact, that leaves very little room for passers by. Further, the jewellery is from the North East of India  and Santhal Parganas. For instance they are made of beads, wood, colorful threads, terracotta and metallic alloys. Dokra and rupdosta are two of the popular metals used for making jewellery.The former is made of brass, while the latter is an alloy of silver and aluminium. In addition, you can order modifications to the jewellery on display. You can also bargain for the best price.

3. Imitation Jewellery in Kolkata: Rabindra Sadan (Academy Exit)

In addition, this is a large open air shop for imitation jewellery at the gate of Rabindra Sadan. Further, it leads you to the Academy of Fine Arts. The Academy of Fine Arts is considered to be the Mecca of theatre in Kolkata. The city’s elite are frequent visitors here.

For instance, this shop has exclusive and exquisite imitation jewellery.  In addition, there are silver jhumkas ,danglers, bangles, rings and such items. It does not make much sense to bargain here as the prices are reasonable.

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