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Best Imitation Jewellery Shops in Kolkata: So you do not believe in overspending...Read More

Best Imitation Jewellery Shops in Kolkata: So you do not believe in overspending on bridal jewellery? Fret not! We’ve covered some of the best stores in Kolkata where you can shop for imitation jewellery. These gorgeous artificial jewellery brands have got enough variety for you to help you with your perfect ethnic wear match.

Although made with inexpensive metals and materials, they look just as exquisite as the “real” fine pieces of gold and diamond jewellery.

Moreover, you will find admirers of imitation jewellery the world over for its rich variety, affordability, and unique mass appeal.

Located at New Market in Kolkata, Silver Arts stocks a pretty collection of necklace sets, chains, earrings, bracelets and bangles designed in silver with semi-precious gemstones. They run three outlets in this area but you will notice a different collection of items being displayed at every outlet.

Looking to make a style statement with necklaces made of pearls? Look no further than Chandrani pearls. You will certainly want to pick one from their stunning collection of white, pink and black pearls sets in gold and silver. They also stock stylish bracelets with single or more strands as well as classic bangles with pearls.

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