MI Road Jaipur Shops

MI Road Jaipur Shops

About MI Road Jaipur Shops

MI Road or Mirza Ismail Road is a very central road in Jaipur....Read More

Best Shops In MI Road Jaipur Shops

Rajasthali Jaipur

Review of Rajasthali shop in Jaipur Firstly, the state emporium of Rajasthan, Rajasthali is a treat for visitors who like shopping in Jaipur. They have an amazing variety of handicrafts, sculptures and art work. Makrana (a place in Nagaur district of Rajasthan State where milky white stone is mined) marble statues are a big attraction. The intricate and ornamental marble work has earned Rajasthan a rightful preeminent place in this art form . It is not unusual to find marble work with gold embossing. Fine filigree and trellis work adorn marble pillars, furniture, figurines tableware and furthermore. Elephant shaped pieces in makrana, meenakari (enamelling) and wood are very attractive. A pair of huge marble elephants would cost Rs. 2.5 lakh. But not to despair, there are affordable miniatures as well! Another attraction is the blue pottery from Jaipur: vases, ashtrays, plates and tiles that are totally besotting. Camel leather shoes and jootis Camel leather shoes and jootis are popular and so are the low slung foldable chairs, chowkis or bajots (very low tables, often used for religious purposes) jhoolas (swings) and puja mandaps (pedestals for worship) – all made from wood and painted in vibrant colours. Miniature paintings on camel bones and paper which narrate tales from the royal past of the Shekhawati region are famous and cost around Rs. 8,000 per piece. Check out the wide range of saris in cotton, chiffon, georgette and silk and sporting different names, depending on their place of origin or method of creation. You have Sanganeri, Bagru, Barmeri, Khari, Leheria, Zari Kota Doria, Mothda, Bandhej, they are all available. Also, make sure you pick up the light weight Jaipuri quilt (razai) , with cotton block prints. This eco-friendly comforter is a must have. This is one of the best shops for Jaipur Handicrafts.
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Carpets, Gifts and Handicrafts, Shoes and Bags, Handicrafts, Accessories

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About MI Road Jaipur Shops

MI Road or Mirza Ismail Road is a very central road in Jaipur. Named after Mirza Ismail, an erstwhile Prime Minister, MI Road Jaipur Shopping Market is a long stretch in the heart of the city. It is an ideal Jaipur market place to shop for jewellery and branded garments. You can find several shopst hat sell Gold and silver jewellery. Rajasthali, the Government Emporium for Rajasthani handicrafts, stocks all these items under one roof. It is a fairly large shop on two floors. Carpets, quilts, fabrics, handicrafts and jewellery are available here. In addition, also check out miniature paintings, blue pottery, antiques, handicrafts and apparel.

You can also find other branded stores like Raymonds, Pepe, Woodland and Benetton for apparel and shoes.

Bridal Lehengas in Jaipur

Zari, Vasansi and Pratapsons are popular places for bridal wear lehengas, gowns and sarees. These shops are quite close to MI Road.

Saffron by Nidhi Tholia is the designer bridal wear shop. This shop is also close to Mirza Ismail Road.

Jewellery in  MI Road Jaipur

If you are on the lookout for Jaipur jewellery shops, KuberTholia, Amrapali, The Gem Palace, Birdichand Ganshyamdas  Jewellers are some of the well known shops in this area. These are among the best jewellery shops in Jaipur. Shri jewellers, Surana Jewellers, The Gem Palace ) . Silver Jewellery is best purchased in  Silver Mountain.

Moreover, Chudi Ghar (Bangle shop) is at the main MI road and is a treasure house for glass and lac bangles.

Kurtis and Casual Wear Dresses in  MI Road Jaipur shop

Anokhi has a large and spacious shop just off MI road. Nayika and Rasa are also closeby. Check out the quilted jackets in these stores.

Restaurants in MI Road

The city’s well known restaurants like Niros, Natraj, Suryamahal, Copper Chimney and Dasaprakash for South Indian cuisine are all on this road. C’est Bon nearby is good for cakes and tea.  The Anokhi cafe,on top of the Anokhi shop is excellent. Try the wholesome kulhad lassi (buttermilk) with a thick layer of malai (cream) at PanchBatti Circle. The Jai Mahal ice cream house is an old meeting place for ice cream lovers. Raj Mandir cinema is close by too.

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Other Markets

Johari Bazar Jaipur shops

  • Johari Bazar literally means jewellers market. It is a long stretch of road in the old part of the town with shops on either side of the road. The famous HawaMahal is just beyond the main Jaipur shopping area in this road.There are several shops in this market that sell gemstones, silver and gold jewellery.Traditional jewellery includes Kundan jewellery (cut and polished glass/gemstones on pure gold or metal base) polki jewellery (uncut diamond in gold base) and enamel work jewellery, also known as ‘Minakari’, which is famous in Jaipur.Apart from being the center for jewellery, Johari Bazar also stocks bridal lehangas( traditional long skirts) and saris in bandhej and leheriya styles (tie and dye.) Ranas and Rooplaxmi are two well known shops that are sought after by people who wish to buy wedding trousseau. There are several other shops that sell saris, salwar suit pieces, scarves, stoles, semi precious stones and gems, silver jewellery, lac bangles, razais(Rajasthani quilts) and bed covers . The National Handloom Corporation is a Government owned shop that stocks everything under one roof. The famous LMB (Lakshmi Mishtan Bhandar) snack house,sweet shop and restaurant, is located in this road and attracts a lot of locals and tourists alike. It is famous for chaat ( spicy snacks ), the Rajasthani traditional sweet Ghewar and special Rajasthani food. Narayanji GajakWale is another famous sweet shop here. The bustling crowd, color and vivacity make shopping in Johari Bazar a unique experience. The rich cultural heritage and creative energy of the city is evident in the products on display in the shops.It is Jaipur shopping at its best.

    Johari Bazar Market Shopping

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