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Pondicherry is a small town ,South of Chennai.It was a French colony until...Read More

French Quarters, Pondicherry

French Quarters- The sea facing Promenade The French quarters is the most beautiful setting in Pondicherry. Right in front of the sea , facing the Promenade, are neatly arranged rows of houses in a grid pattern . It is very idyllic and European in ethos and atmosphere. There is a lot of history here. The French ruled in Pondicherry from 1670 to 1954 and left an indelible mark on the city with their architecture, among other influences. Historical French Quarters In addition to the Gandhi statue , there is also a tall statue of Dupleix as well as a French War Memorial on Goubert Avenue on the Promenade .There is also a marble statue of Joan of Arc, which is located in front of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Dumas Street. The Bharathi Park, the Governor’s residence, the Pondicherry Museum and the Aurobindo Ashram ,are all in the French quarters. Shop in Rue Rolland& Rue Dumas The French quarters is characterized by churches, convent buildings and villas painted in white or cheery yellow. Several of these residences have been converted to boutique shops in Pondicherry . Wander around these streets , all with French names ,on foot and shop at a relaxed and easy pace. There is no market frenzy that you would typically have in other big cities. Rue Dumas, Rue Romain Rolland, Rue Suffren and Rue du Bazar St Laurent are some of the streets with best shops in Pondicherry. Many of these shops have small cafes with interesting cuisines situated within their premises. Check out Shopkhoj for reviews about markets in Pondicherry
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Pondicherry is a small town ,South of Chennai.It was a French colony until 1954.The Markets in Pondicherry are very distinct.

 Markets in Pondicherry-French &Tamil Quarters 

The interesting fact is that Pondicherry still retains a distinct French look about it . What’s more,there is a French area (known a French quarters )& Tamil area known as Tamil Quarters. The French Quarters near the Promenade Beach is a quiet, organised part of town with some excellent shops. Rue Romain,Rue Rolland, Rue st Laurent are some of the market areas that one can easily walk through.While it does get a bit warm in the peak summer months, it is a pleasure to walk around this area as there is very little traffic. There are many expats who have set up a manufacturing presence in Pondicherry and prefer to live here.

 Markets in Pondicherry -French Quarters

The French Quarters has shops for clothing, antique furniture, an embroidery center and several shops for tourists that stock a multitude of products form all over India,
In addition,there are shops that sell candles and other products manufactured in Auroville.

 Markets in Pondicherry -Tamil Quarters

The Tamil Quarters in comparison,is more chaotic & less orderly . There is a lot of vehicular movement in this part of town. Hence,it is not easy to cover this market on foot. There are a combination of shops such as shops for all thingsIndian-,clothing ,jewellery & lather bags.

Hi Design is another internationally famous leather goods manufacturer that has a presence in the Tamil Quarters in Pondicherry. Kalki, Kasha ki Asha & Casablanca are other prominent stores in this pondicherry Market.

Auroville- Markets in Pondicherry

Auroville on the outskirts of Pondicherry is another important shopping market. It is a township that encourages sustainable manufacturing. Once you arrive in this township, the Matri Mandir is a place to visit . Take a car ride into the premises and you will be amazed at the variety of manufacturing activities that here . Garments in cotton to bamboo firbres, leather shoes, paper products from lantern to table mats,personal care products , potpouri,the list is varied and interetsing . There are 3 shops as La’Boutique,Kalki & Meera in the Auroville premises that stock all products manufactured here.

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