Cluny embroidery Centre

Cluny Embroidery Centre, Pondicherry

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No 46, Romain Rollant Street Pondy -1

8:30am-12pm , 2pm-5pm

Rs.2000 -15000

Days Closed

Sunday and Monday


Opposite to Orient Hotel


Roadside parking

Cluny Embroidery Centre Pondicherry

If you are interested to buy or place an order for embroidered home furnishings, then Cluny Embroidery Centre is the place to shop in Pondicherry.

The store is housed in a typical old style building that has large rooms and high ceilings. A group of women are busy working on creating these beautiful masterpieces. Shop for table cloths, bed spreads, dinner sets, bath towels, table napkins, pillow cases and bed covers and stuff like that. They are all in white cotton fabric with light pastel embroidery.

The price typically is around Rs. 15000 for an 8 seater embroidered table cloth with a set of 6 napkins. While the price is not cheap, the work is so pleasing, with light colours, and fine embroidery, that you would definitely want to pick up something here.

You can either customize your orders or buy from their existing collection.

This institution is run by sisters from the Cluny convent. They also have rooms to rent out to guests. The tariff is around Rs. 3000/night for a double room.

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