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What's Interesting:Leather Jackets

Products:Shoes and Bags

169 Jawahalal Nehru Street, Near Spencer, MG Road Area Pondicherry 605001


Rs.1000 and above

Days Closed

Open all days


roadside parking

Hidesign Pondicherry

Hidesign, is a leather goods manufacturer founded in 1978 in Pondicherry. The Company has more than 60 retail and premium outlet stores in India and in several countries around the world. Their design teams work from Pondicherry, Milan and London.

Assortment of bags @Hidesign Pondicherry

Their collection includes high end handbags, sling bags, shoulder bags, clutches, credit card holders, gift bags, briefcases, laptop cases, wallets, belts and garments. There are more than 30 colours from which to choose. Hidesign Pondicherry also stock leather jackets and sunglasses.Their leather products are all individually handcrafted and vegetable tanned in their own tanneries and they use solid brass buckles on their leather bags.

Discounts @Hidesign Pondicherry

This store has 3 floors stocked with bags and other accessories on display. There is a 10% discount for purchases made in the store. They also have a café on the top floor. In a nearby location, there is a seconds shop. Heavily discounted items are on sale here. Very well-tailored leather jackets are available at half their original prices at Hidesign Pondicherry

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