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What's Interesting:Zardosi Worked Wall Hangings


647, M.G Road, Pondicherry-605001


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Near Sacred Heart Church


Road side parking

Carpets in Pondicherry

New Cottage Arts is again owned by people of Kashmiri origin. In the ground floor are brass and bronze artefacts of deities of Hindu Gods, bowls, lamps and some jewellery pieces. The brass pieces are from South India. The jewellery section has silver chains, earrings and addition they have the best collection of Kashmiri Carpets in Pondicherry.

Kashmiri Carpets in New Cottage Arts

The section upstairs is dedicated to carpets and all things from Kashmir. They have a great selection of carpets. Silk on cotton and silk on silk carpets are available. Also available are wall hangings with Zardosi embroidery and cushion covers with the Kashmiri chain stitch. Kashmir carpets are handmade and hand-knotted and are primarily made in pure wool, pure silk and, occasionally in wool and silk blends. They are available in wide-ranging colours, designs and sizes. Akin to the famed Persian [Iranian] origin carpets, the Kashmiri carpets and rugs are considered to be investments for life.

Tourists to Pondicherry visit New Cottage Arts when they visit the Mother’s Ashram

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