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Tussar Silk

What is Tussar Silk

Tussar silk is also known as Kosa silk and is produced from  the larve of silkworms. Tussar silk has a rich texture and a deep golden colour. Varieties of tussar silk are produced in South East Asian countries such as India, Japan, China and Sri Lanka.

Tussar Silk Saris

India is a large producer of tusser silks.
Bihar, Jharkand,Chattisgarh and West Bengal produce Tussar  silk. It has a dull sheen. Bhagalpur in Bihar is an important centre for tussar silk saris and fabrics. Weaving is done by the Devangan community. These saris radiate a natural brilliance due to the fibre used.Tussar silk sarees are very popular in WestBengal & Bihar.
Tussar is dyed with vegetable colours .Thread work or minimum zari work is also done on tussar sarees.

Tussar silk suit pieces are also available.

Tussar silk is also used to make the Pattachitra ,which is a traditional cloth based scroll painting.
Tussar silk weaving industry is more than a century old . It  is a handloom industry.


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Tussar Silk Sarees
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