Manohar Fancy Churi Store, Jaipur

Market :-

Products :- Imitation Jewellery  

Days Closed :- Sunday

Timing :- 10am to 8pm

Phone :- 099 29 990099

Address :- 12,Link Road Bapu Bazar, Bapu Market, Biseswarji, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302002

Landmark :- Sarogi Mansion

Parking :- Very Difficult

Price Range :- Starts from Rs. 100

Payment Methods :- Cash

Review of Manohar Fancy Churi Store in Jaipur

Shopping in Jaipur for bangles is an exciting experience. There is an amazing selection of lac bangles and glass bangles in this Jaipur shop.

There are bangles made of metals, thread, wire, wood and plastic as well. Brightly colored lac bangles ornamented with beads, stones, crystals and other embellishments are a real treat. You can buy a set of 2, 4 6 or 8 bangles. Bangles have traditional value in Hindu culture and are considered auspicious for married women.“Lac is clay like material which is molded in hot kilns -like places to make the bangles. Bangles made from lac is one of the oldest ones and among the brittle category too.”

Go in to explore and come out with hands filled with an amazing collection of bangles of all colours from this lovely shop in the Bapu Bazar Shopping Market in Jaipur.

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