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Guide To India Shopping
Guide To India Shopping

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Incredible India has a fantastic range of textiles, jewellery & handicrafts.As a matter of fact, it is difficult to select the right shops for the right products in the selected cities. Clothes shopping in India for instance, or finding India online shopping sites is not easy unless you know where to shop. The list of shops is incredibly long.

Clothes Shopping in India

In addition,each of the 29 States & 7 Union Territories in India has an amazingly diverse range of ethnic textiles & jewellery & handicrafts.For example,there is woven Banarsi silk from Banaers, Kanjivaram silk from Kanchipuram near Chennai,Tussar silk from Bihar,Dhakai muslin from Kolkata,Pochampally Ikaat from Pochampally,Telngana, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh & so on. Clothes shopping in India is exciting due to the fantastic range that is available. For instance, each region has a distinct type of weave and hence distinct style of fabric. Check out Indian Textiles product category to help you with your clothes shopping in India.

Jewellery in India

Similar to clothes are Jewellery. Indian jewellery has amazing ethnic designs. For example,gold jewellery in South India  is based on Temple architecture known as Temple Jewellery. Moreover, the Mughal influence has brought in Polki and Meenakari jewellery in Western India. You can find the best online shops with our blog on jewellery ,

Handicrafts shopping in India

India has an amazing range of handicrafts and once again the list of shops is very long. Furthe, each Indian State has something unique & distinct to offer. There are beautiful  sandalwood carvings of Karnataka, beautiful bronze idols from Tamil Nadu, exquisite Carpets in Kashmir & Rajasthan. Shopping in India is certainly a splendid experience.

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Above all we have curated shops across Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pondicherry. Further, we have been to all the shopping markets, malls and boutique stores to scout for the best shops in India, so you can find everything about that local shop before you visit it. In addition, visit our India online shopping guide.

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