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Did we miss your shop? If your shop provides good quality products in India under the categories of Indian wear, Western wear, Jewelry, Shoes, Scarves, Bags, and Handicrafts, then let us know about it.We will be happy to add your shop for a nominal amount. There is no need to restrict your options to a single website.The internet world is too big, too vast & rapidly changing. Your shop has to be visible & your best products need to be showcased.Think in terms of footprints.

Dear Shop owners, Shopkhoj provides information on the best shopping markets, malls and best shops in 7 Indian cities namely, Delhi, Chennai,Mumbai, Kolkata,Pondicherry, Jaipur& Bangalore. We are the only portal providing this kind of holistic information related to shopping. This website provides you the opportunity to create an awareness about your shop to local residents and tourists from within India and abroad. To get your shop listed on the site, please mail us the details about your shop at 
Events – If there are special events happening in your shop /mall/market from time to time, please add that information. The information that you provide can be updated and edited at any time.

Advertising in this site will also give you the opportunity to attract more visitors.

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If your company specializes or is interested in selling products targeted at women, our website is the perfect place for you to advertise!

Why Advertise on Shopkhoj provides information on the best quality shops for women in India, the best markets and the best malls. We simplify the search for shops in a city by identifying the best shops in different product categories and give users all relevant information on such shops. We provide product and price details, maps and sketches of the shops, as well as directions to the shops. Shopkhoj has separate pages on its website which cater to specific audiences. So your ad will reach the target customers instantly and effectively. We offer a variety of ad placements to help you customize your campaigns to suit your needs and budgets. Write to us at
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