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What's Interesting:Designer sarees

Products:Sarees, Designer Wear

: PALLADIUM MALL, S 9 A, 2nd Flr, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013


High end ( 10000-150000 INR)

Days Closed

Open all days


Near high street Phoenix




Nearest local station is Lower Parel

Satyapaul : Women’s Clothing, Designer Sarees

Satya Paul is one of India’s popular and well-known designers.

Founded on 1 April 1985 by Satya Paul, his store is well-known for it ethnic wear collections. There are 41 stores and 1,500 retail points in India and 250 Satya Paul retailers worldwide.

Several Indian designers have ventured into retail stores to make their designs & clothing available and affordable to more women in recent times. So has Satya Paul. His showroom in Palladium Mall showcases sarees, lehengas, and other casual wear clothing. Because of their bright colours and chic design, these casual wear kurtis and salwar kameez are very popular. The signature sarees in georgette, chiffon, crepe, and Benarsi in bandhani, leheraiya & other prints are all very popular. Trademark sarees in geometric patterns and ethnic embroidery leave their mark. Modern and ethnic wear is their USP (unique selling proposition). Simple to grand wedding dresses forms their bridal collection. Therefore, if you have a wedding to attend soon or are getting married soon, check out the stores for some distinct dresses and sarees. They also have a good collection of embellished sarees and lehengas with colorful stones.

Price Range: Lehengas will cost you anywhere between Rs. 65000 up to Rs. 150000/piece. The simple and printed sarees will cost around Rs10000 to up to Rs 18000/piece. Furthermore, Kurtis and suits are anywhere between Rs. 8000- Rs. 16000/piece.


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