Best Shops in Bangalore for Imitation Jewellery

Sri Bhavani Kangan Stores

Shri Bhavani Kangan Store is a very popular Bangalore shop for cosmetics and imitation jewellery .Costume/Imitation Jewelry It is a costume jewellery paradise and is always crowded. Imitation Kundan jewellery with semi precious stone work is a bridal indulgence . They look grand and are ideal for an occasion such as a wedding.Kundan Jewlery Kundan is cut glass work and when it is set in metal ,such as gold or imitation gold ,it looks like diamond. Chunky necklaces in kundan are very popular. Necklace sets , chains, mangalsutras and bangles with 1 gram gold polish are available. The traditional jewellery is very popular with the local population.Bangles There are glass bangles and metal bangles with gold work that make for a wide selection. Artificial pearl jewellery, gold-plated and sterling silver jewellery, white metal jewellery and jewellery from Estelle are some other kinds of jewellery on display.Furthermore, Filigree jewellery, jewellery with glass, beads and artificial stones are also available.Hair clips There is a good collection of Hairclips, hair brands and bindis (coloured sticker on the forehead) Mangtikka , which is an adornment worn on the head ,typically by brides is also on display. There is something to suit every pocket.When you are shopping in Bangalore for imitation jewellery , do visit Shri Bhavan Kangan storeShri Bhavani Kangan Store also stocks cosmetics and toiletries for both men & women.You can find, compact, eyeliners and eye pencils, lipsticks and lip-gloss from multiple brands that are stocked here. Toiletries, such as shampoos and bath gels, moisturizes, face creams, cold creams, body perfume are also available in this Bangalore shop.Some of the well known brands such as Revlon, Mabeline, Lakme , Shahnaz Huassin , Biotique and Lotus are available .Hence, shopping for cosmetics becomes easy when there are multiple options to choose from.Shri Bhavani Kangan store has a branch in 3rd block Jayanagar , Bangalore .
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