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What's Interesting:Indian traditional dresses and ethnic wear

Products:Fabric, Furnishing, Salwar Suits

Hill Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

10:30 to 9pm

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Hill Road market



Elco Arcade Shopping Centre – West Mumbai

Elco Arcade Centre (It is a closed market with 30-40 shops).

It is a small and closed market with shops selling Indian traditional dresses and ethnic wear dresses. From Lucknowi chikan work, gold zardozdi work to the Rajasthani gota work, this shopping center showcases a great deal of Indian traditional wear. It is an ideal shopping market to pick up wedding wear and party wear dresses at very affordable and reasonable prices.

If you are shopping in Mumbai for ethnic & traditional dresses, fabrics and latest palazzo fashions, then this is definitely a place to visit. The shops are small and the salesmen are standing outside every shop inviting customers to visit them. Many of the store fronts have flashy & ornate garments on display. There are many shops with similar fabrics and styles. Take your time and go around the market in a deliberate and slow manner. You will be aware of the available choices and the comparable prices.

The Lucknowi chikan work suits and kurtas cost anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 1000/piece. Chikan work is the traditional embroidery from Lucknow.


A select number of shops stock entire bridal collections comprising of  palazzo pants, salwar suits, lehengas and sarees. They can be customised to the required size. Although, the Elco Arcade is similar to a street shop, there is no compromise on the product or quality. Most of the shop owners are second or third generation owners & they showcase their finest handcrafted work in their collection. The bridal collection is priced in the range of Rs 20000 -Rs 30000/piece. There are heavily sequinned salwar kameez dresses that are available here. Elco Arcade has several loyal customers who swear by the clothes available here.

Some of them also have onsite tailors if you want to make any alterations.

In addition to garments, there are a few shops which sell home furnishings such as mirror worked and embroidered bed sheets and table cloth in the range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 2000/piece. There are a few shops that sell bags & purses as well.

La Judi shoes has an outlet in the Elco Arcade. It is a pretty small store. They have a bigger outlet in one of the side lanes. Shoes and sandals with colourful stone work is available here. Comfortable closed shoes are also available here. The prices are very reasonable.

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