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Shop No. 1, 48,, B-49, Sector 1, Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107



Days Closed

Open all days


Opposite Amber Sweets


Road side parking

Reviews & Ratings of Roopali Sarees

Roopali Sarees is a landmark shop in Mira Road market. If you tell local auto drivers the shop name, they will l know exactly where to take you.

While there are a bunch of interesting saree shops in Mira Road, Roopali stands out for a few reasons.

1. Their collection is well-updated and has a good range.

2. The service is good – even during crowded times, you will find someone tending to your needs.

3. Price range: You will find sarees starting from as low as Rs. 600/piece.

4. You’ll find both regular and fancy sarees, cotton and silk, chiffon and synthetic in almost the exact colours you need.

5. You’ll also find wedding wear collection which is exclusively shown in a low-seating area inside the shop.

6. You will most likely get a goodwill discount when you ask for it.

Watch out:

Roopali has a few good sales every year which has a 20-50% discount across the shop. The sale period lasts for a month and goes under the tag of Buy one get one free (BOGO) for sarees that are Rs 1200 upwards. While BOGO is only for a select range of sarees and dress materials, others have a 30-40% discount.

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